How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 30 2015

'Don't ___' ASK
'Say ___' AAH
'The last thing I wanted to do was to be a ___ president': Lyndon Johnson WARTIME
'The Walking Dead' channel AMC
Any of about 18 elements on the periodic table NONMETAL
Balderdash HOKUM
Bit of discouragement TSK
Bizarre FREAKY
Brain-busting HARD
Brainiac EGGHEAD
Case for a lawyer, maybe ATTACHE
Clothing line from an Oscar-winning singer? CHERWEAR
Compilation DIGEST
Conductor of note COPPER
Describe as TERM
Emergency status CODERED
Ends of some utensils TINES
Equals, in math ARE
Event at Walden Pond? THOREAUFAIR
Fig. for a dietitian RDA
Firm, in a way ALDENTE
Followers of many breakdowns TOWS
Hitch LIMP
Horrified AGHAST
Italian pronoun ESSA
Landing info, briefly ETA
Layered lunch orders BLTS
Like a mizzenmast on a ship AFT
Like some fees and feet FLAT
Like some shopping ONESTOP
Long row FEUD
Maker of a hanging nest ORIOLE
Man's name that's an alphabet run STU
Mideast title: Var EMEER
Most baggy LOOSEST
Mourn openly WEEP
Naked 'Parks and Recreation' star? POEHLERBARE
Neatens (up) SPRUCES
Of the highest reputation TOPLINE
Offspring of Beauty? BELLEHEIR
Onetime owner of NBC RCA
Out and about SEEN
Pageant coif, maybe UPDO
Paige of Broadway and London's West End ELAINE
Paper work not usually done at the office ORIGAMI
Performers with lots of fans? GEISHAS
Pollutes TAINTS
Quintet in a nursery rhyme PIGGIES
Recently OFLATE
Routes WAYS
Rude way to call a waiter SNAP
See 55-Down HOME
Skips the rite stuff? ELOPES
Snowy ___ OWL
Some expensive hors d'oeuvres ROES
Spread on a farm SOW
Surface again, as a road RETAR
The Galloping Gourmet in Germany? HERRKERR
Top level of many a 62-Down ATTIC
Transit option RAIL
Two numbers? DUETS
Unpolished RAW
Veronese who painted 'The Wedding at Cana' PAOLO
Wallop SOCK
Wear, and look great doing it ROCK
Well up TEAR
What may follow anything? ELSE
Wooden rod DOWEL
Word with price or parking STREET
___ Research Center (polling group) PEW
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