How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 30 2008

'And ___ ask is a tall ship ...': John Masefield ALLI
'Gilmore Girls' daughter RORY
'Present' in bad kids' Christmas stockings COAL
'Whaddya waitin' for?!' NOW
'What ___ boy am I!' AGOOD
1960 Ray Charles hit GEORGIAONMYMIND
1961 'spacechimp' ENOS
1968 Glen Campbell hit GENTLEONMYMIND
1982 Willie Nelson hit ALWAYSONMYMIND
Acapulco acclamations OLES
Accordion part REED
Actor Billy of 'Titanic' ZANE
Adorned, in the kitchen GARNI
Aficionado NUT
Allied (with) INLEAGUE
Approached zero DWINDLED
Auto shop's offering LOANER
Bellini two-acter NORMA
Borrow a partner CUTIN
Burial place of King Arthur AVALON
Cut into parts DISSEVER
Daughter of Muhammad Ali LAILA
Department store section MENS
Enjoyed doing BEENINTO
Establish, as a chair ENDOW
Ewe said it BAA
Fail miserably, in slang TANK
False deity BAAL
Get by ELUDE
Hardly stuffy AIRY
He wrote 'If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him' VOLTAIRE
Little fingers or toes MINIMI
Longtime Cowboys coach Tom LANDRY
Mann's 'Der ___ in Venedig' TOD
Midback muscle, briefly LAT
Mosque V.I.P. IMAM
Mouse who's always throwing bricks at Krazy Kat IGNATZ
N.H.L. Eastern Conf. team ISLES
New Jersey's ___ Hall University SETON
Nolo contendere, for one PLEA
Novel ending? ETTE
Opposite of post- PRE
Peace-and-quiet venue ARCADIA
Ravel work BOLERO
Repertoire component NUMBER
Sans deferment ONEA
Senate tally NAYS
Senate tally AYES
Singer DiFranco ANI
Slalomer's moves ZAGS
Solver's online recourse GOOGLING
Sort ILK
Suffix with Meso- or Paleo- ZOIC
Super Bowl XXI M.V.P., first to say 'I'm going to Disney World!' SIMMS
Taunt GIBE
Things people are trained in? RAILWAYS
Till you get it right AGAIN
Title locale in a Cheech Marin flick EASTLA
Title lover in a 1920s Broadway hit ABIE
Unfriendly ICY
Van Susteren of Fox News GRETA
Villain MEANY
What a traveling salesman travels ROUTE
What demonstrators demonstrate ACTIVISM
Wraps (up) SEWS
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