How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 29 2005

'Let me think about it' ILLGETBACKTOYOU
'Serpico' author MAAS
'___ Andrea Gritti' (Titian portrait) DOGE
'___ Bath Book' (waterproof Muppet book) ERNIES
A little worse than O.K. NOTSOHOT
Bailiff's execution WRIT
Bouquet ___ GARNI
Burning result ASHES
Considered it proper SAWFIT
Conspicuous one ODDMANOUT
Contact info: Abbr. TELS
Craters of the Moon locale IDAHO
Creator of the Mayfair Witches ANNERICE
Cybermoniker USERID
Dame's introduction? NOTRE
Dramatic strains ARIA
Emphatic assent IDOIDO
End of a famous boast VICI
Equal ARE
Evidence at a crime scene, perhaps FIBERS
Feminizing suffix INA
Firm head CEO
Fling HURL
Florists' extras VASES
French frigate that carried the Statue of Liberty to the U.S. ISERE
Fun time BALL
Geologists' studies ERAS
Good ol' boys BUBBAS
Grab, so to speak APPEALTO
Hypnotic trance breaker SNAP
Indian capital RUPEES
Inexperienced one ROOKIE
Japanese delicacy SEASNAKE
Jury-rig, with 'together' COBBLE
Keep an appointment SHOW
Keep concealed, with 'up' HUSH
Laid low SMOTE
Land of kings Rama I to VIII SIAM
Male article of attire TOGA
Minor TEEN
Mycobacterium, e.g. AEROBE
Need to get online: Abbr. ISP
Not much time: Abbr. MSEC
Online 'ha-ha' LOL
Osage, e.g. SIOUAN
Outer covering PEEL
Piece to leap in TUTU
Postpunk movement GOTH
Potential lifesaver AIRBAG
Precisely, after 'to' ATEE
Prepare to dive in TAKEADEEPBREATH
Really does the trick WORKSLIKEACHARM
Remove the vital parts from GUT
Rio ___, Amazon feeder NEGRO
San ___ (Southern city, casually) ANTONE
Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Sign of success SRO
Signed an agreement? NODDED
Skeleton component ULNA
Snorkeling site REEF
Stray ERR
Sweater pattern ARGYLE
The Rams' sch. URI
Two qtrs. SEM
Upside GAIN
Went back and forth PACED
Wooed, in a way SUNGTO
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