How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 29 1997

'Open 24 hours' sign, maybe NEON
'Phooey!' RATS
Actress Oberon MERLE
Allowable LICIT
Animal with zebra-striped legs OKAPI
Ayatollah's land IRAN
Back muscle, familiarly LAT
Backing for an exhibit EASEL
Bank claim LIEN
Basketball's Malone KARL
Battery part ANODE
Big handbags TOTES
Bird's cry CAW
Burn soother ALOE
Canter LOPE
Capital of Italia ROMA
Charged particles IONS
Compass heading ENE
Competed in the Hambletonian TROTTED
Depressed BLUE
Dickens protagonist PIP
Do basic arithmetic ADD
Driver's license prerequisite TEST
Dunce cap, essentially CONE
Editor's definition of this puzzle's theme PUNCTUATIONMARK
Elude the doorman SNEAKIN
Enzyme suffix ASE
Famous tower locale PISA
Filibuster, in a way ORATE
Genre for Notorious B.I.G. RAP
Hawaiian music makers UKES
In awe AGOG
Indian drum TOMTOM
Insurance giant AETNA
Interested look OGLE
Investment vehicle, for short IRA
Kid's make-believe telephone TINCAN
List shortener ETAL
Man-mouse link ORA
Mapmaker's definition of this puzzle's theme PANAMACANALCITY
More crafty SLIER
Muss up RUMPLE
Negative in Nuremberg NEIN
Neither's companion NOR
Not perfectly upright ATILT
Peaceful IRENIC
Physician's definition of this puzzle's theme INTESTINALORGAN
Political cartoonist Thomas NAST
Popular beverage brand SNAPPLE
Prevent legally ESTOP
Pseudonymous short-story writer SAKI
Purpose INTENT
Questioner ASKER
Redding of 60's soul OTIS
Ribeye, e.g. STEAK.
Roman road ITER
Second in command GORE
See 49-Down PYLE
Sentient AWARE
Shea nine METS
Singer Martin, to friends DINO
Sluggers' stats RBIS
Society column word NEE
Split-off group SECT
Stylish auto COUPE
The ___ Prayer LORDS
Theme of this puzzle COLON
Therefore ERGO
University of Maine site ORONO
Where St. Mark's Cathedral is VENICE
Wight and Man ISLES
With 37-Down, famous W.W. II correspondent ERNIE
___ pinch INA
___-do-well NEER
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