How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 28 2019

'Cool' sum mil
'How was ___ know?' ito
'I ___' (what the Latin 'veto' means) forbid
'The Price Is Right' prize showcase
'What's ___?!' this
1990s war locale balkans
2002 or 2019 Super Bowl player ram
A brace two
A little notmuch
A.M.s morns
Airport whose name is also a big brand of nail polish orly
Along with aswellas
Attractive person, informally ten
Attractive person, informally looker
BAD words? beyondalldoubt
Bank posting cdrate
Basic cable channel owned by Disney espn
Belgian river to the North Sea yser
BIG words? beliefingod
Bit of dinner impoliteness burp
Bolshevik's foe tsar
Bring up to date, say cuein
Card carrier? wallet
Cause of a paper jam misfeed
Charlie of 'Stranger Things' heaton
Chief main
Colonial merchant Samuel after whom a famous island is named ellis
Completely intoto
Craft measured in cubits ark
Data for auto aficionados years
Didn't strictly follow one's diet, say cheated
Do well thrive
Doesn't really know feels
Dumas's 'Le ___ de Monte-Cristo' comte
Earns a bronze? suns
Eight-time Best Director nominee who has won only once scorsese
Employs as usesfor
Energy oomph
English counties shires
Explosives org atf
Fish that can swim backward eel
Fixate obsess
Florida governor DeSantis ron
Full sated
Game meat venison
Gobsmacked awed
Goose Island products ales
HAS words? heartandsoul
Have way too much of odon
Having a function utile
Hit town came
Home to the Triple-A Aces reno
Howard ___, 'The Fountainhead' protagonist roark
Imperfections flaws
Influential thinker known for his ego? freud
Ink tattoo
It circles the Earth tropic
Just imagine pretend
KIND words? kohinoordiamond
LAST words? likeasorethumb
Latin word on a dollar bill ordo
Leaves 'em rolling in the aisles slays
Like some credit cards nonfee
Lot ton
Macedonian, e.g slav
Mad about into
Mate's affirmative ayeaye
Mickey Mouse amateur
Military excursions sorties
Modern-day flood email
Moses' father-in-law reuel
Motrin competitor advil
National chain selling crafts and fabrics joann
Need for a restricted area passkey
Needs for some touring bands vans
Not yet born inutero
Noted Scottish exports wools
Now, in Nogales ahora
Of no relevance moot
Old SeaWorld attraction shamu
Ones who can't change large bills? toucans
Opinion piece? ithink
Overflows (with) teems
Path finder hiker
Pest control targets nests
Porridge ingredients oats
Port on many laptops ethernet
Prefix with toxicology eco
Pulitzer-winning playwright Zoë akins
Queen Elizabeth's husband philip
Ranking 50th among all states, say worst
Read between the lines infer
Record defect warp
Render null and void undo
Retreat den
Rhyme scheme of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' abcb
ROOT words? runoutoftown
Ruffle feathers, say offend
Sábado or domingo dia
SAFE words? setafineexample
Sees coming expects
Sign up for enter
Simon & Garfunkel song about emotional detachment iamarock
Some early January curbside pickups firs
Some fish sauces aiolis
Spanish meat carne
Spheres orbs
Sports org. based in Indianapolis ncaa
Stand in a boardroom easel
Steadfast loyal
Sticky sweet toffee
Stink fetor
Strauss's '___ Alpensinfonie' eine
Target, as a specific audience caterto
Teacups at an amusement park, e.g ride
The nouveau riche upstarts
The Princess of Power, in cartoons shera
Theme of many heavy metal songs anger
Thieves often go by them aliases
Tic-tac-toe loser xox
Ticklish area tummy
Title in the House of Saud emir
Transparent, informally seethru
Tributary of the Missouri platte
Unceasing critic hater
Wartime stat mia
Watt-second joule
Ways of looking at things slants
What Polly wants cracker
Whittles (down) pares
Wife of Jared Kushner ivanka
Work that includes the Skáldskaparmál edda
World capital said to have been founded by King Midas ankara
___ acid amino
___ Nebula, part of the constellation Taurus crab
___ Zion Church ame
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