How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 27 2015

'Hold on ...!' ONESEC
'Just ___' (Nike slogan) DOIT
'No ___, Bob!' SIREE
'So there!' TAKETHAT
'Uh-uh!' NOPE
'You betcha!' HECKYES
'___ you out of your mind?!' ARE
'___-ching!' CHA
Anger IRE
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Aves. and blvds STS
B'way booth in Times Square TKTS
Bay Area force: Abbr SFPD
Beech or birch TREE
Big part of an elephant EAR
British ref. work OED
Cincinnati's home OHIO
Commercial lead-in to Lodge ECONO
Cookie with white filling OREO
Desert green spots OASES
Direction opposite from sur NORTE
Distort SKEW
Division of a long poem CANTO
Does and bucks DEER
E.M.T.'s specialty CPR
Fills with wonder AWES
Fly high SOAR
Frank who directed 'It's a Wonderful Life' CAPRA
Group of buffalo HERD
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Hairdos that are hard to wear hats with, familiarly FROS
Hashish pipe HOOKAH
Having X and Y chromosomes MALE
Hawkeye State native IOWAN
Heel CAD
Hermes or Hades GREEKGOD
Is ___ (probably will) APTTO
Kinda maybe SORTA
La-la preceder TRA
Left speechless DUMBSTRUCK
Left speechless GOBSMACKED
Mouselike animal VOLE
Mr. ___ (Peter Lorre role) MOTO
Org. that loves fur ... but not on humans PETA
Poison ivy annoyance ITCH
Preceder of 'loves me' and 'loves me not' SHE
Precious stringed instrument, informally STRAD
Reached GOTAT
Repetitive learning ROTE
Roman ruler who said 'The die is cast' CAESAR
Sailor's call AHOY
See 1-Across AWAY
Sky: Fr CIEL
Small whirlpool EDDY
Small, medium or large SIZE
Some hair highlights STREAKS
Some men's underwear BVDS
Spoken ORAL
Start of the musical scale DOREMI
State symbols of Massachusetts and North Dakota ELMS
Talent KNACK
The third 'w' of www WEB
Tools for weeding HOES
Transylvanian count, informally DRAC
Trolley TRAM
Troop grp BSA
Tulsa sch ORU
Wanders ROAMS
Wife of Zeus HERA
With 66-Across, left speechless BLEW
Words to live by CREDO
___ mark (# symbol) HASH
___ this world NOTOF
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