How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 24 2016

'Able was I ___ I saw Elba' ERE
'All Glory, Laud and Honor,' e.g HYMN
'Givee' TAKER
'Later' CIAO
'Likewise' SAME
'Volunteers?' ANYONE
'___ your head' USE
+ + + ANDS
2009 Best Picture nominee set in the 22nd century AVATAR
Acid head? AMINO
Acquire EARN
Actor Alan ALDA
Airplane maneuverer AILERON
Align SYNC
Almost NEAR
Answer sheets KEYS
Avant-garde EDGY
Avoided a tag, say SLID
Banned fruit spray ALAR
Biscuits with no sharp edges? SAFETYCRACKERS
Bit of pond slime ALGA
Botanical cover ARIL
Bridge JOIN
Brit. reference sets OEDS
Brownish purple PUCE
Campaign ... or campaign topic RACE
Captivate ENAMOR
Cave deposits GUANOS
Chaps HES
Chatty Cathy types TALKERS
Christ, with 'the' REDEEMER
Communion hosts, e.g WAFERS
Community service club ROTARY
Contents of some tubs LARD
Copacetic AOK
Copy, briefly REPRO
Country capital with the world's tallest building before the Burj Khalifa TAIPEI
Couple DYAD
Cry from an errant burger flipper? PATTYDOWN
Debussy composition LAMER
Deceptive pitch SINKER
Diamond-shaped road sign SLOW
Edit menu option UNDO
End of many country names LAND
Family name of Pope Leo X, Leo XI and Clement VII MEDICI
Farmer's place DELL
Feature of the western end of the Champs-Élysées ARCH
Field AREA
Figure on a utility bill RATE
First family name SETH
First name in country music REBA
Fix, as a pump RESOLE
Gentlemen: Abbr MESSRS
Georgetown player HOYA
Groups of quail COVEYS
Gulf Coast port that's gone bonkers? BATTYMOBILE
Having the most marbles SANEST
Help for motorcycle daredevils RAMP
Hershey chocolate-and-caramel candy ROLO
Hooters menu? BUSTYFARE
How some papers are presented ORALLY
In addition ALSO
In better shape HALER
It's a drag TOKE
It's in the eye of the beholder IRIS
iTunes category ALBUMS
Khan : Mongolia :: ___ : Russia TSAR
Knocks the socks off AWES
Landlord's business RENTALS
Lemonade go-with in an Arnold Palmer ICETEA
Like AARP The Magazine BIMONTHLY
List for a recital PIECES
Literally, 'fried noodles' CHOWMEIN
Little bit DAB
Little bit SMIDGEN
Longtime Sudanese president ___ al-Bashir OMAR
Low-___ RES
Military band SASH
Milliner's accessory HATPIN
Moviedom CINEMA
Multitalented Minnelli LIZA
N.F.L. QB Newton CAM
Nerve-racking performance, maybe SOLO
Nickname for an accident-prone L.A.P.D. sergeant? CASUALTYFRIDAY
One of the Avengers THOR
Operating system developed at Bell Labs UNIX
Overage EXCESS
Part of a trophy BASE
Personal highs BESTS
Physics units DYNES
Physics units RADS
Piece of cake SNAP
Plastered DRUNK
Plumbing or bricklaying TRADE
Postal employee SORTER
Protective covering for a pier? JETTYLINER
Put on the map LOCATE
Queue after Q RSTU
Relief AID
Remains suspended HOVERS
Sabotage TORPEDO
Sandy shade ECRU
Security Council veto NON
Selfies around 2012-13, e.g FAD
Served well? ACED
Showy debut SPLASH
Sign seen at a Heartbreakers concert? PETTYROCKS
Simple sandwich, simply PBJ
Some trattoria orders RISOTTOS
Source of add-on damages in a lawsuit TRAUMA
Speaks up? PRAYS
Spice ZEST
Subject in metallurgy ALLOYS
Surfer's worry RIPTIDE
Targets of the Dodd-Frank Act BANKS
Three houses flipped this week, e.g.? REALTYNUMBER
Ticket CITE
Troop group BRIGADE
Turning brown, as a banana OVERRIPE
Venus and Mars, so to speak OPPOSITES
Victoria's Secret job description? PANTYHANDLER
Wearing the most bling, say FLASHIEST
Weather forecast that's hard to predict? HAIL
What a limo may be for HIRE
What some mascara does to lashes LENGTHENS
Whedon who directed 2012's 'The Avengers' JOSS
Wing it? SOAR
Word with green or brain PEA
___ Institute (astronomers' org.) SETI
___ note RANSOM
___-in clause OPT
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