How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 24 2004

'A grand, ungodly, godlike man' in fiction AHAB
'Hospital smell' chemical PHENOL
'___ Blue?' AMI
1930's western hero DESTRY
1979 Broadway hit set during the Industrial Revolution SWEENEYTODD
A shopping mall has lots of these CARS
Add new parts to, say RETROFIT
Alter SPAY
Ammo named after its English inventor SHRAPNEL
An urn, after an accident SHARDS
Atty. in the firm ASSOC
Baseballer known as the Big Cat MIZE
Big vehicle's need DIESEL
Bondsman SERF
Brings in REAPS
California food fishes POMPANOS
Chase vehicle?: Abbr. SNL
Citrus source LIMETREE
Cleared ERASED
Clumsy lug APE
Composer Siegmeister ELIE
Creeper IVY
Doesn't really hit SHADOWBOXES
Dutch brewery AMSTEL
Enter with care EASEIN
Grace period? MEALTIME
Hanseatic League city HAMM
Holds high ESTEEMS
Holm who played Bilbo Baggins IAN
It's south of the Yucatán BELIZE
Judge of film REINHOLD
Lawbreaker with two partners BIGAMIST
Little masterwork GEM
Little problems BRATS
Locker sites GYMS
Makes a racket CLAMORS
Médoc, for one RED
Moor growths SEDGES
Not easily misled ASTUTE
One in a suit LITIGANT
Onetime 'Stay curious' sloganeer PBS
Organic fuel source PEATBOG
Organizer of senior field trips ELDERHOSTEL
Overlong PROLIX
Pioneering automaker BENZ
Place to keep leaves TEACADDY
Plantation figure OVERSEER
Preeminent, slangily THEMOST
Question concerning an early arrival ALREADY
Radio genre OLDIES
Raincoat coating GORETEX
Retract UNSAY
Satchel Paige's real first name LEROY
Sharp SLY
Sharp-sighted animal LYNX
Sierra Nevada's location SPAIN
Speed HIE
Spring COIL
Teflon and Plexiglas POLYMERS
Tentacled marine animals SEAANEMONES
Top or bottom END
Web-___ TOED
Well-known hymn DIESIRAE
Woody Allen film set in the 1920's ZELIG
Yields CEDES
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