How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 20 2014

'50s political inits DDE
'Amazing' debunker RANDI
'Are you putting ___?' MEON
'I've got half ___ to ...' AMIND
'Joanie Loves Chachi' co-star BAIO
'La Dolce Vita' setting ROME
'That's ___!' ('Not true!') ALIE
'The African Queen' novelist CSFORESTER
'The Price Is Right' broadcaster CBS
'What business is ___ yours?' ITOF
'You Must Love Me' musical EVITA
'___ and Louis,' 1956 jazz album ELLA
1966 Wilson Pickett R&B hit MUSTANGSALLY
Abbr. on sale garment tags IRR
Actress Judd ASHLEY
All alternative NONE
Amazon fig ISBN
Ancient symbols of royalty ASPS
Andean tuber OCA
Anita of jazz ODAY
Anthem preposition OER
Artist's alias with an accent ERTE
Attribute of Elks or Lions Club members CIVICPRIDE
Baking ___ SODA
Best-selling novelist whom Time called 'Bard of the Litigious Age' SCOTTTUROW
Bird whose feathers were once prized by milliners SNOWYEGRET
Bond yield: Abbr INT
Breakaway group SECT
Candy heart message BEMINE
Certain Sooner TULSAN
Chaim ___, 1971 Best Actor nominee TOPOL
Checks STEMS
City that sounds like a humdinger? BUTTE
Classic theater name ODEON
Coffee break time, perhaps TENAM
Commandment word NOT
Common newsstand locale: Abbr STN
Complete shutout? EMBARGO
Composer Camille Saint-___ SAENS
Covenant keepers ARKS
Cuts, as a cake SLICESINTO
D-Day invasion town STLO
De-file? ERASE
Designer Anne KLEIN
Dirty rats LOUSES
English church official BEADLE
ESPN broadcaster Bob LEY
Fancy tie OBI
Financial writer Marshall LOEB
Fine hosiery material LISLE
Flaps ADOS
Former C.I.A. chief Panetta LEON
Former Chevrolet division GEO
Futurist ORACLE
Give rise to BRING
Govt. promissory notes TBILLS
Graceful trumpeter SWAN
Greeting that includes a Spanish greeting in reverse? ALOHA
Healing cover SCAB
Hersey's Italian town ADANO
I.C.U. pros RNS
Instants SECS
Jermaine of the N.B.A ONEAL
Jezebel's idol BAAL
John Irving character TSGARP
Ken of 'Brothers & Sisters' OLIN
Kick-around shoe LOAFER
Leave in a hurry BOLT
Leonard ___ a.k.a. Roy Rogers SLYE
Life Saver flavor LEMON
Like bachelorette parties, typically GIRLY
Like equinoxes BIANNUAL
Makeup removal item COTTONBALL
Man, in Milano UOMO
Many a PX patron NCO
Millennia on end EONS
Mobile home seeker? CALDER
Mrs. abroad MME
Music producer Brian ENO
Naval petty officer: Abbr YEO
Neil of Fox News CAVUTO
New corp. hire, often MBA
Nosy one SPIER
One of the Kardashians KHLOE
Ones who are the talk of the town? CRIERS
Opening for a dermatologist PORE
Opera based on a play by Pierre Beaumarchais, with 'The' BARBEROFSEVILLE
Paris's ___ du Carrousel ARC
Pet Shop Boys, e.g DUO
Pipe valves STOPCOCKS
Post letters VFW
Pounds' sounds ARFS
Prime letters? USDA
Proceeds GOESON
Product of Yale LOCK
QE2's operator CUNARD
Quaker production COLDCEREAL
Qualcomm Stadium athlete SANDIEGOCHARGER
Query from Judas ISITI
Ready to be played, say TUNED
Recital piece for a wind player HORNSONATA
Relative of turquoise TEALBLUE
Renault model with a mythological name CLIO
Reversal, of sorts UEY
Roisterous NOISY
Roman emperor OTHO
Rug fiber SISAL
Ruler known as 'Big Daddy' IDIAMIN
Seat at the counter STOOL
Shakespeare's 'Titus ___' ANDRONICUS
Short open jackets BOLEROS
Slick hairstyle WETLOOK
Slugger's practice area CAGE
Some M.I.T. grads: Abbr EES
Stain BLOT
Stella D'___ (cookie brand) ORO
Stockholm-bound carrier SAS
Suffix with narc- OTIC
The Sun, The Moon or The Star TAROT
The U.N.'s ___ Hammarskjöld DAG
These, to Thierry CES
They're steeped in strainers LOOSETEAS
Toast words after 'Here's' TOYOU
TV's Cousin ___ ITT
Urban renewal target EYESORE
Use elbow grease on SCOUR
Visa alternative OPTIMACARD
Vocabulary WORDAGE
Walker's strip BEETLEBAILEY
Wildlife IDs EARTAGS
Within earshot NEAR
Woody's 'Annie Hall' role ALVY
Writer Chekhov ANTON
Yale Bowl fan ELI
Year, to Casals ANO
___ 500, annual race in Ridgeway, Va STP
___ Aviv TEL
___ Trend MOTOR
___-Magnon man CRO
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