How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 20 2004

'Heads up!' and others ALERTS
'Please,' in Potsdam BITTE
'What have we here?!' OHO
'___ Only Just Begun' WEVE
17-Across's state: Abbr. NEV
Acela Express runner AMTRAK
Beginning ONSET
Braga of film SONIA
Breaks in relations RIFTS
Brummell or Bridges BEAU
Cereal grain OAT
Cloak's partner DAGGER
Close at hand NEARBY
Clue to 20- and 55-Across and 11- and 29-Down AAA
Coming-out DEBUT
Cozy room DEN
Crude sort BOOR
Cutting remark BARB
Demagnetize, as a tape ERASE
Do figure eights, say SKATE
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Frees (of) RIDS
Gearshift sequence PRNDL
General or major RANK
Get up ARISE
Great Plains home TEPEE
H.S. math class TRIG
Hair snarl TANGLE
Hearty party GALA
Iris's place UVEA
Irregularly notched, as a leaf EROSE
Jazz genre BEBOP
Jill of 'Diamonds Are Forever' STJOHN
Kent State state OHIO
Kingdom divisions, in biology PHYLA
Laundry soap introduced in 1918 RINSO
Like fillies but not billies FEMALE
Like some presidents PROTEM
Longfellow's bell town ATRI
Lowly workers PEONS
Make a miscue ERR
Needle case ETUI
Paris's river SEINE
Patronize Hertz or Avis RENT
Paula of CNN ZAHN
Photocopier problems JAMS
Pulsing with energy VIBRANT
Pusher's pursuer NARC
Regional flora and fauna BIOTA
Ripken Sr. and Jr. CALS
Run-of-the-mill COMMON
Run-of-the-mill USUAL
Rx dispenser: Abbr. PHAR
Scott Turow title ONEL
See 40-Across BONDRATING
See 40-Across MOTORGROUP
Skeptic's scoff IBET
Squeaks (out) EKES
Stash STOW
State firmly AVER
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Takes orders from OBEYS
Thanksgiving dish YAMS
Totally baffled ATALOSS
Tupperware sound BURP
Ty of Cooperstown COBB
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unescorted ALONE
Viva ___ (by word of mouth) VOCE
Where to get hitched in a hurry RENO
X-rated BLUE
___ Domini ANNO
___ Lilly and Co. ELI
___-Bo (exercise system) TAE
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