How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 19 2019

'Come on in!' wereopen
'Odi et ___' (Catullus poem) amo
Actor Green of the 'Austin Powers' movies seth
Amoeba, e.g blob
An end to smoking? ash
Big business news merger
Ceramic breakfast accouterment eggcup
Chemical suffix ide
Classic song with the lyric 'Let's get together and feel all right' onelove
Companions cohorts
Delaware has the lowest mean one in the U.S.: Abbr alt
Diarist Nin anais
Direction to a cellist arco
Epcot's Spaceship Earth, architecturally geodesicdome
Food storage spot coldroom
Freaks hasacow
Game where you don't want to reach the top tetris
Girl's name in the U.S. that's a boy's name in Italy andrea
Having a little of this and a little of that eclectic
Hilarious sort hoot
It comes after 'Coming soon ...' trailer
It's hardly worth noticing blip
It's not for real act
King in 'Game of Thrones' robert
Kook weirdo
Large number host
Large numbers armies
Let know alerted
Like some suits and states altered
Live musicians play them sets
Live-streamed, say realtime
Mac ___ (former Bay Area hip-hop great) dre
Meager scant
Meter reading fare
Minute Maid drink limeade
Nice jacket material suede
Not doubting at all sureof
Not get hung up on seepast
One might be sent to a passenger's phone eticket
Opera with the 'Gypsy Song' carmen
Outburst after a nefarious plan is hatched mwahaha
P's rhos
Performs too broadly emotes
Perfumed scented
Person who's whip-smart? liontamer
Play detective snoop
Pronoun in 'America' thee
Rat tattler
Recognizable figure icon
Response to a joke rimshot
Rightmost option in most menu bars help
Round parts? beers
Santa ___ claus
Site for a doodle margin
Sportscaster inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2013 michaels
Steadfast determination grit
Stories that may or may not be true lore
Street racers hotrods
Tayside turndown nae
The 2000s, e.g.: Abbr cen
Three-player game skat
Tiny bit mite
Treat with an edible container icecreamcone
Triumph overcome
Went over ranlate
What 'epistaxis' is a fancy medical term for nosebleed
What may be propelled by a propellant aerosol
___ Yousafzai, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner malala
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