How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 19 1998

'Domani' singer LAROSA
'I can't ___ thing' EATA
'Married to the ___' (1988 film) MOB
'Potemkin' setting ODESSA
'Time Cycle' composer Lukas ___ FOSS
'To what do I ___...' OWE
'Yeah, sure' IBET
'___ to Pieces' (1965 hit) IGO
1990 Best New Artist Grammy winner CAREY
Afford without a problem SPARE
Alley prowler TOM
Attached houses?: Abbr. CONG
Attendance preventers COLDS.
Attendance preventers COLDS
Blame RAP
Bounce OUST
Boxers' beefs YELPS
Break out LAM
Bridge call, for short ONENO
Bumped into MET
Buzzer BEE
Bygone pol. cause ERA
Campaign CRUSADE
Central European sensors? PRAGUENOSES.
City on the Allegheny OLEAN
Coeur d'___ ALENE
Color on the Irish flag ORANGE
Combine MELD
Condescending type SNOOT
Contribute ADD
Dating WITH
Deviations ANOMALIES
Driver's invitation HOPIN
Eastern European hill? KIEVINCLINE
Eastern European vestments? MINSKSTOLES
Epicurean SENSUAL
Expose, poetically OPE
Far Eastern nourishment? SEOULFOOD
Farm call BAA
Fastened, in a way HASPED
Fax cover-page word FROM
First name in exiles IDI
Fishing, perhaps ASEA
Five-time Emmy-winning actress BERGEN
Furnace fuel COKE
Galileo, for one PISAN
Glorify BLESS
Go around in circles ROLL
Hackneyed OLD
Handheld instruments OBOES
Hard on the feet PEBBLY
Hardly hide FLAUNT
Hip friend BRO
Hullabaloo NOISE
Hung. neighbor AUST
Increase in strength, with 'up' TONE
Increases STEPSUP
Islands dish POI
Isles AITS
It can help if you're short ATM
Keep an ___ the ground EARTO
Kewpie doll features TOPKNOTS
Kind of test TASTE
Lecherous look LEER
Lemony, say CITRIC
Letter of approval?: Abbr. INIT
London's ___ of Court INNS
Lure with music TWEEDLE
Maintains HOLDSTO
Messed up ERRED
Mideast exam administrators? CAIROPROCTORS
Mo. or Miss. RIV
Most hectic BUSIEST
Move stealthily TIPTOE
Nice view MER
Noted Charlton Heston role MOSES
Office supply items NOTEPADS
Old Oldses REOS
On the quiet side? ALEE
One of a secretive trio LAMPPOST
Oriental Miss Universe? BEIJINGBEAUTY
Oriental tie OBI
Papal vestment ORALE
Parts to tie ENDS
Patriots' grp. AFC
Penn, e.g.: Abbr. STA
Period of time SPELL
Pretentious ARTY
Promising words IDOS
Rain gear material OILSKIN
Resting place ROOST
Restored photo, perhaps SEPIA
Royal residence of early Ireland TARA
School grp. PTA
School part CAFETERIA
Self-conscious laugh TITTER
Shade of brown COCOA
Shoot FILM
Similarity symbol, in math TILDE
Six-time N.L. home run champ OTT
Smudge BLOT
South central Asian gems? KABULSTONES
Southeast Asian go-getter? TAIPEIPERSONALITY
Souvenir shop items TEESHIRTS
Spanish seer? OJO
Spikes LACES
Spot for a computer LAP
Squelch SITON
St. Augustine's locale: Abbr. FLA
Student, at times TESTEE
Style of expression VOICE
Subjects for special fx artists ETS
Succeeding NEXT
Suffix with fact OID
Suffix with motor CADE
Sugar source BEET
Suspected WASONTO
Swing in a ring BOX
Take on ASSUME
Tecs PIS
The Twelve Tables' contents ROMANLAW
Thrice daily, in prescriptions TID
Throw away BLOW
Tournament helper BYE
Turmoil STIR
Utica's county ONEIDA
West African fliers? ACCRABATS
Western law enforcement group POSSE
Whiz ACE
Word of lawyerly advice SUE
Yet, poetically EEN
[Sans warning!] BOOM
___ probandi ONUS
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