How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 18 2015

'... and that's no joke!' BELIEVEYOUME
'A touch more' sloganeer ACER
'Boogie Nights' persona played by Mark Wahlberg DIRKDIGGLER
'Gigi' composer LOEWE
'Hawaii Five-O' imperative BOOKEM
'Institutes of the Christian Religion' writer CALVIN
'Isn't that special!' HOWNICE
'Phantom Lady' co-star, 1944 RAINES
'Puh-lease!' OHCOMENOW
'Singin' in the Rain' role LINA
1980s baseball star Lemon CHET
Aaron ___, 'Thank You for Smoking' star ECKHART
Able to see through ONTO
Actress Ward SELA
All right, to 42-Across OKELYDOKELY
Alley with a time machine OOP
Alternative to Beauvais-Tillé ORLY
Athletic unit INNING
Beatles song in which no Beatle plays an instrument ELEANORRIGBY
Being abroad ETRE
Big Japanese chip maker NEC
Bunker implement RAKE
Checker piece, e.g OLDIE
Classic 1950 book with the line 'It's your fiction that interests me. Your studies of the interplay of human motives and emotion' IROBOT
Convenient return option EFILE
Cricket infraction NOBALL
Custom finish? ARY
Emperor crowned in 962 OTTOI
Entrées INS
Foreign state with the capital Panaji GOA
Graham ___ (old Kellogg's cereal) CRACKOS
Great Basin native UTE
Great Plains native OTO
Horticultural problem EDEMA
It runs to the right TEAPARTY
It's easy to do for an angel BABYSIT
Kind of council TRIBAL
Like neatniks and clean freaks ANAL
Like some unhealthy attachments OEDIPAL
Like the spectacled bear ANDEAN
Linguistic root ETYMON
Liter lead-in DECI
Maltese, e.g LAPDOG
Massachusetts' Mount ___ College IDA
Meet people RACERS
Metal band with the 1994 #1 album 'Far Beyond Driven' PANTERA
Model in a science class ORRERY
Neither stood out nor bombed out DIDOK
Original D&D co TSR
Pass on a proposal SAYNAY
Popular Mexican resort, for short CABO
Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu who found a sailing route around Africa DIAS
Put on WORE
Put one's shoes on? TROD
Quick move? RELO
Refreshment on a scorching hot day ICECOLDBEVERAGE
Rod and Todd's dad, in TV cartoondom NED
See 10-Down LOG
Some dropped tabs LSD
Some pats OLEO
Squeeze EKE
Step on a scale SOL
Subject of a 1989 E.P.A. ban ALAR
The out crowd? GAYS
Their 1982 album 'Combat Rock' went double-platinum THECLASH
With 12-Down, poker target FIREPLACE
___ jure IPSO
___ Martin REMY
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