How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 12 2015

'99 Luftballons' pop group NENA
'Couldn't handle the pressure, man' ICHOKED
'Follow my command!' DOEXACTLYASI
'Gotcha, dude' IMHIP
'I hate the Moor' speaker IAGO
'What was I talking about before?' NOWWHEREWER
A.C.A. part ACT
Alternative media magazine founder UTNE
Base 10? TOES
Baseball family name ALOU
Becomes an adult REACHESLEGAL
Beverage brewed without barley or wheat GLUTENFREEB
Big name in lean dieting SPRAT
Big-eyed Betty BOOP
Bill : William :: ___ : José PEPE
Bone whose name means 'clasp' in Latin FIBULA
Bright spot? DOGSTAR
Broadcast inits. since April 1971 NPR
Butler who was a professional gambler RHETT
Cable, e.g PAYTV
Canyon creator GMC
Certain gelatin ASPIC
Charge at the door, informally COVER
Class with a Classics unit: Abbr ENG
Crime lab tool SWAB
Cry for attention, maybe MEOW
Cut, in a way AXED
Delight ELATE
Die, say CUBE
Do something extravagantly GOTOTOWN
Drawback CON
Dreamworld LALALAND
Drill sergeant's bark HUP
Environmental terrorism ECOTAGE
Eponym of a European capital ATHENA
Experiment with something TRYITOUT
Extract by percolation LEACH
Eye-openers, of a sort LATTES
Eyes for emoticons COLONS
Finn's friend SAWYER
First lady of the 1940s-'50s EVAPERON
Flight LAM
Fruit in some Asian salads PAPAYA
Future atty.'s challenge LSAT
Gear parts COGS
Gifts often received while bowing the head LEIS
Go downhill DECAY
Golden ___ AGER
Great Lakes mnemonic HOMES
Grp. that knows the drill? OPEC
Hard-to-digest food items, in slang GUTBOMBS
Hat, informally LID
Have a heart-to-heart with? ROMANCE
Hightail it HIE
Horatio who wrote the Tattered Tom series ALGER
How things may be rated ONASCALEFROMONETO
Is an ass? BRAYS
Landing place on a bay, for short SFO
Language along the Mekong LAO
Letter that rhymes with three other letters ETA
Like an unbrushed suit, maybe LINTY
Line in Gotham BATPHONE
Local, e.g PUB
Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Memo abbr ATTN
Mercury had 26 of them MISSIONS
Model Banks TYRA
Monopoly holdings DEEDS
Moving vehicle VAN
Muchacha CHICA
Musical anagram of AGRA, fittingly RAGA
Musician who co-founded Nutopia ONO
Mustier STALER
Nail a test ACEIT
Next one in a row SEATMATE
Nile biter ASP
Nile biter, for short CROC
Not digital ANALOG
Ohio college named after an ancient capital ANTIOCH
One logging in USER
One of 21 on a die PIP
One with spirit? SHAMAN
Ones found in the closet? MOTHS
Opposition call NAY
Owner of StubHub EBAY
P.D. broadcast APB
Palliative plant ALOE
Paris accord? OUI
Peak performance, informally AGAME
Photog's choice SLR
Places to meditate PAGODAS
Policy on some cruises NOTIPS
Postcard message WISHYOUWEREH
Priority system TRIAGE
Progenitors SEEDS
Prototype detail, briefly SPEC
Raised railroads ELS
Record number, for short RPM
Roald Dahl won three of these EDGARS
Rolls up the sleeves and begins HASAT
Setting for a Marx Brothers farce OPERA
Seville cheer OLE
Skater Midori ITO
Skype annoyance LAG
Slice of history ERA
Soap brand with cocoa butter TONE
Softly hit fly BLOOP
Some young colleagues PROTEGES
Something to get your mitts on? OVEN
Something to hold money in ESCROW
Sons of Liberty gathering TEAPARTY
Spa specialty, for short TLC
Street cred REP
Supercollider bit ATOM
Tattooed toon POPEYE
Team leader RUDOLPH
The works? OEUVRE
They're raised by farmers BARNS
Title in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' LIEGE
Tombstone lawman EARP
Top-notch GRADEA
Tournament type OPEN
Uniform material CHINO
Warning to a coder ERROR
Wasn't square OWED
Where to see the horn of Africa? RHINO
Winter race vehicle ICECANOE
X-O-X line in tic-tac-toe, e.g LOSER
Young Clark Kent, e.g FARMBOY
[Wham!] POW
___ bar SUSHI
___ nerve OPTIC
___ palm ACAI
___ Spring ARAB
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