How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 12 2014

'A thousand pardons' EVERSOSORRY
'Collages' novelist, 1964 NIN
'Each of us bears his own Hell' writer VIRGIL
'Fantasy Island' host MRROARKE
'Fur Traders Descending the Missouri' painter, 1845 BINGHAM
'Interesting ... but museum-worthy?' ISITART
1987 Lionel Richie hit SELA
21st-century pastime for treasure hunters GEOCACHING
A cube has one ROOT
Alternative to shoots? DANGS
Arab spring? TROT
Arm with many vessels, maybe BAY
Arp contemporary ERNST
Athlete in a shell OAR
Balboa's first name VASCO
Bart and Lisa's bus driver OTTO
Bath setting: Abbr ENG
Business of 41-Down: Abbr INS
Casualty of the Battle of Roncesvalles ROLAND
Chancellery settings CONSULATES
Composers of some rhapsodies ODISTS
Cousin of an agave ALOE
Creator of '30 Rock' FEY
Dispatch HASTE
Dot-dot-dot ESS
Druid, e.g CELT
Fleece CON
Gets started SETSTO
Its parent is Liberty Mutual SAFECO
King of Kings AHAB
Latin 101 word ERAT
Leonov who was the first man to walk in space ALEKSEI
Like angels ONHIGH
Like many a purple-tinged moorland HEATHERY
Mexicans roll them ARS
Mythical abode of heroes slain in battle ASGARD
Old dynasts TSARS
Opposite of agitato DOLCE
Opposite of gloom MIRTH
Orange's org ACC
Org. whose logo has an eagle and scales IRS
Ozone menace FREON
Palooka OAF
Part of a drag outfit HEELS
Parts of a sob story WOES
Parts of some alarms HEATSENSORS
People sampling mushrooms, say MYCOLOGISTS
Periodic dairy aisle offering NOG
Phishing loot: Abbr SSNS
Piltdown man, say BRIT
Pizza topping BASIL
Pizza topping ONION
Place for rank-and-filers in the House of Commons BACKBENCH
Popularity boost due to a certain TV endorsement COLBERTBUMP
Pungent panini ingredient ASIAGO
Rebel in a beret CHE
Relatives of black holes DARKSTARS
Sacs studied by 58-Across ASCI
Shakespeare sonnet that begins 'So am I as the rich, whose blessed key' LII
Some spam senders BOTS
Spanning OVER
Stray mongrels PYEDOGS
The Negro R. runs through it URU
Theme of several theme parks LEGO
They often provide illumination in galleries DOCENTS
Throws for a loop AWES
To you, in Toulouse ATOI
Wear for Hu Jintao MAOSUIT
Where Nord, Nord-Est and Nord-Ouest are departments HAITI
White whale's whereabouts ARCTICOCEAN
___-Soviet SINO
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