How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 12 1998

'A waking dream,' according to Aristotle HOPE
'Friends' co-star COX
'Like me' ASIDO
'Saturday Night Live' announcer PARDO
'The Alienist' author Carr CALEB
'The House of Blue Leaves' playwright GUARE
'The Time Machine' race ELOI
'___ happens...' ASIT
'___ Mio' OSOLE
'___ pray' LETUS.
'___ pray' LETUS
180, so to speak UTURN
180, so to speak UTURN.
Accepted the bait BIT
Actress Scala GIA
Anthology READER
Assessment of a comedian? SOUPYSALESTAX
Big inits. in cellular technology MCI
Blazing stars NOVAE
Blockage CLOT
Blueprint item SPEC
Brouhaha SCENE
Bulldog, e.g. EDITION
Bygone sports cars MGS
Cafeteria supply TRAYS
Carom BANK
Clockmaker Terry ELI
Cold coating RIME
Colosseum cover-up TOGA
Company recruits, for short MBAS
Crowning point ACME
Cry of economic liberation? TAXFREEATLAST
D.C. team, for short SKINS
David Brinkley's autobiography AMEMOIR
Davis was its Pres. CSA
De-bused, e.g. ALIT
Delete XOUT
Delighted condition? OUTAGE
Desert home ADOBE
Disaster DEBACLE
Disputed island in the East China Sea MATSU
Diving duck SCAUP
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Embarrassed RED
Emotionless ROBOTIC
English dramatist George PEELE
Extemporize WINGIT
Fast fleet SSTS
Fictional friend of Isaac of York IVANHOE
Follow OBEY
Follower: Suffix ITE
Funny brothers MARXES
Germfree ASEPTIC
Get ___ for effort ANE
Guarantee ENSURE
Gum site SEAL
H.M.O. personnel RNS
Hallow ending EEN
Handy abbr. ETAL
Hobbyist purchases KITS
I.R.S. target in Calif.? LATAXDODGER
In general OVERALL
Intimate NEAR
It works according to scale MAP
Jaguar models XKES
Jaleel White role on 'Family Matters' URKEL
Jiffs SECS
Just beat EDGE
Just make, with 'out' EKE
Kind of cut CREW
King intro ALA
Language from which 'mako' comes MAORI
Let in advance PRERENT
Let out UNPEN
Like a tundra TREELESS
Like some arrangements FLORAL
Loop runners ELS
Lou Gehrig or Cal Ripken IRONMAN
Lukas of 'Witness' HAAS
Madison and Monroe JAMESES
Mammilla TEAT
Manhattan ingredient RYE
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Music with jazzlike riffs SKA
Nevada town ELY
Nicholson film 'The Two ___' JAKES
Norms: Abbr. STDS
Not necessarily exact: Abbr. EST
O. Henry specialty IRONY
Office mail MEMO
On the lam LOOSE
One may be honorable MENTION
One of the Jacksons LATOYA
Orch. section STR
Part of Latin I conjugation AMAT
Place for a male trio INATUB
Plays matchmaker SETSUP
Poetic measures FEET
Popeye's ___ Pea SWEE
Practiced yellow journalism SMEARED
Proposal response YES
Quite dissimilar ALIEN
Rainbows ARCS
Rocker Bob SEGER
Searches QUESTS
Side in a debate ANTI
Slattern TROLLOP
Slips past EASESBY
Slow-witted DIM
Some western New York legislation? BUFFALOTAXBILLS
Something awful THEPITS
Something to lend ANEAR
Sot sound HIC
Steamed RILED
Stones' request of their accountant? GIMMETAXSHELTER
Strikes out DELES
Styron's Turner NAT
Subj. for immigrants ESL
Supports a scheme ABETS
Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 ___ minor INE
They're good for the biceps CHINUPS
They're swung in church CENSERS
Tom and Diane SAWYERS
Tommy of 'Finian's Rainbow' STEELE
Twice as perilous HAIRIER
When to call, in some want ads EVES
Winter 1997-98 newsmaker ELNINO
Writer Josephine TEY
___ acid AMINO
___ chocolates BOXOF
___ Loma, Calif. ALTA
___-Coat (floor wax brand) GLO
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