How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 09 2019

'Exodus' hero ari
'It's ___, not a science' anart
'Silas Marner' pen name / Upholstery fabric toile
'There is ___ in the affairs of men ...': Shak atide
Aardvark or zebra / Thin layer lamina
Ancient greeting / Señora Perón ave
Annual cable channel prize for Song of the Year or Artist of the Year, in brief vma
Appear to be correct seemso
Apple varieties / Trick scam
Arrive, as a cold front / Evenings, informally setin
Asian sea name / Journalist Logan aral
At any time ever
Beltway insiders / Spill (over) slop
Bits of film tape / Film holder spool
Bygone autocrats tsars
Call ending a rugby match / Prolific inventor edison
Can opener / Club bat
Cans / Letter flourish serif
Charts / Inbox distraction maps
Colorado feeder / Sacha Baron Cohen character gila
Competent, jocularly ept
Computer key alt
Criticized / Save (from) deliver
Cutting it / Mediterranean island able
Daft / Daze stun
Draft selection ale
Drawing things? magnets
Dubai dignitary / Winter coat rime
Early settler of Nova Scotia acadian
Effervescence pep
Egg cells ova
Elk, for one / Plant in a bog reed
Enero, por ejemplo mes
Entertainer Marx / Entertainer Winfrey oprah
Espies / Subway stations spots
Exist / Reign denoter are
Facts / Somewhat atad
Fallacious reasoner sophist
Fit for a king / Foamy draft lager
Fix, as a driveway / Yelp reviewer, e.g rater
Forever and a day / Genesis maker sega
Gives a hand? slaps
Go berserk / Some cookware snap
Green / Water from France naive
Guard / It might say 'Hello' nametag
Headline? / Snare trap
Hence / Monster ogre
Hint of color tinge
Holy mlle. / Romulans, e.g., in brief ets
Ice dancing gold medalist ___ Virtue / Plus asset
Ice hockey feint / Squeezed (out) deke
Indian ___ ocean
Indy player / Summary recap
Info, informally / Spirited mount steed
Jack of rhyme / Rain blockers sprat
Job for a grease monkey lube
Kind of exercise that strengthens the pelvic muscles kegel
Kind of sheet spec
Like Oxfords / Sticker decal
Lionize / Twin dual
Meteorologist's tool radar
Not made up real
Not tamed feral
Old-time slugger Al rosen
One-man play about Capote tru
Perp prosecutors das
Phoned, to Brits dialled
Pose again, as a question reput
Ram's sch. / Trojan's sch usc
Reacts in disbelief, say gapes
Revealed bared
Salary negotiator agent
Sibilant sound sss
Sri Lankan tongue tamil
Tahitian crop taro
Union letters cio
Yen desire
___ Alto, Calif palo
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