How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 08 1997

'Boola Boola' singer ELI
'Garfield' dog ODIE
'Golden Boy' dramatist ODETS
'Rotten' missile EGG
'The check is in the mail,' maybe LIE
'___ Mia' (1965 hit) CARA
Absorbed, as an expense ATE
Actor Milo OSHEA
Barrow residents ESKIMOS
Blow it ERR
Bona ___ FIDE
Caused to go BETOOK
Choreographer Agnes de ___ MILLE
Church recesses APSES
Clears for takeoff? DEICES
Comparatively modern NEWER
Crash diet FAST
Crucifix ROOD
Currycombs comb them MANES
Danish city ODENSE
Escritoire DESK
Ewe's sound MAA
Firefighter Red ADAIR
Form 1040 completer CPA
Former New York governor CUOMO
Gloucester's cape ANN
Golfer Jack NICKLAUS
Got a move on HIED
Grasslands LEAS
Grid coach ___ Alonzo Stagg AMOS
Griever's exclamation ALAS
Haggard GAUNT
High-pitched SHARP
Honeybunch DEAR
Humdingers DILLIES
Idolize ADORE
Imagine IDEATE
It's hoisted in a pub STEIN
Kind of blocker BETA
Kind of wine RHINE
Licked boots? TOADIED
Like beer MALTY
Loquacious, in slang GASSY
Lyricist Jack LAWRENCE
Manage to get, with 'out' EKE
Mount Rushmore's site: Abbr. SDAK
Movie actor Jack NICHOLSON
Much of a waiter's income TIPS
Octave followers, in sonnets SESTETS
Oscar and Obie AWARDS
Part of a science class LAB
Phillips University site ENID
Poisonous atmosphere MIASMA
Psycho talk? BABBLE
Pugilist Jack DEMPSEY
San Francisco's ___ Hill NOB
Savoir-faire TACT
Scott's '___ Roy' ROB
Scourge BANE
Singer-actress Lane ABBE
Sister of Calliope ERATO
Sit in the sun BAKE
Skater Midori ITO
Some commercial promotions TIEINS
Stratford-Avon link UPON
Superaggressive one RAMBO
T'ai ___ ch'uan CHI
Transmits RADIOS
TV/film actor Jack ALBERTSON
Twosome DYAD
Unspoken TACIT
Watery WEAK
Wisconsin college BELOIT
Word of Valleyspeak LIKE
Writer Jack KEROUAC
___ noire BETE
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