How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 07 2014

'... ___ cost to you!' ATNO
'Hell if I know' gesture SHRUG
'You are so-o-o funny' HAHA
'Zip-a-Dee-Doo- ___' DAH
A sleeve covers it ARM
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Actress Aimée ANOUK
All ___ day's work INA
Arkansas town where Bill Clinton was born HOPE
Article of sports attire with a number JERSEY
Beatty of 'Superman' NED
Boeing 767, for one TWINENGINEPLANE
Broadbrim, for one HAT
Burden ONUS
By way of VIA
Canis, for dogs GENUS
Complete lawlessness ANARCHY
Couple PAIR
Couple DYAD
Droop SAG
Encourage URGE
Fainted, as in rapture SWOONED
Female deer DOE
First Arabic letter ALIF
First of a journalist's five W's WHO
Floating marker for a sailor BUOY
Flub ERR
Future's opposite PAST
Gen. ___ E. Lee ROBT
Gossipy sort YENTA
Having a couple of elements DUAL
High-stakes wager DOUBLEORNOTHING
Hot dog holders BUNS
Impossible to see through OPAQUE
Initial money for the pot ANTE
Jabber YAP
Jordanian port AQABA
Kimono, e.g ROBE
Letter after pi RHO
Like Old Norse writing RUNIC
Macho guy STUD
Matador TORERO
Medical practitioners: Abbr DRS
Mimic APER
More, at a meal SECONDHELPING
Northern Scandinavian LAPP
Occupied, as a restroom INUSE
Old Italian money LIRA
Old name for Tokyo EDO
One minus one ZERO
One of a couple for the Roman god 28-Across FACE
One of a couple in a 767 AISLE
Overly TOO
Pecan or cashew NUT
Prefix with watt GIGA
Puts on years AGES
Reagan attorney general Edwin MEESE
San Diego baseballer PADRE
See 68-Across JANUS
Simple country person RUSTIC
Small fight TUSSLE
Someone who's so nice you almost want to smack him GOODYTWOSHOES
Something to whistle TUNE
Spider's production WEB
Split with an ax CLEAVE
Stadium cheer RAH
Stainless ___ STEEL
The 'U' of B.T.U UNIT
Toy brick maker LEGO
Traveling performers TROUPE
Used a chair SAT
Wading bird IBIS
WNW's opposite ESE
Wonky AWRY
___ Canals, Michigan/Ontario separator SOO
___ Domini ANNO
___ out a living EKE
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