How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 07 2008

'... or ___ 1 for more options' PRESS
'Animal House' party costumes TOGAS
'God's Little ___' (Erskine Caldwell best seller) ACRE
'Mona ___' LISA
'Riders of the Purple Sage' author ZANEGREY
'Shame on you!' TSK
'Sweet' age in ancient Rome? XVI
'You're ___ talk!' ONETO
'___ and the King of Siam' ANNA
1990 Macaulay Culkin film HOMEALONE
Ballroom dancer Castle IRENE
Bess Truman or Barbara Bush FIRSTLADY
Bookcase part SHELF
Braga of 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' SONIA
Brother comic Shawn or Marlon WAYANS
Bygone Russian space station MIR
Car bomb? EDSEL
Compete in the America's Cup SAIL
Competitor of Dove or Camay LUX
Crew's control? OAR
Decorate ADORN
Ed of 'Lou Grant' ASNER
Enclosure with a MS. SASE
Fit to be tried? USABLE
Foolish person, slangily GOONY
Frank of the Mothers of Invention ZAPPA
French city famous for its mustard DIJON
Funny DeGeneres ELLEN
Garbo of 'Mata Hari,' 1932 GRETA
Genetic letters RNA
German river in a 1943 R.A.F. raid EDER
Hi-___ monitor RES
Hullabaloo ADO
In regard to ASFOR
Iron Man Ripken of the Orioles CAL
Like winters in the Arctic HARSH
Make the cut? EDIT
Meadow LEA
Med school subj. ANAT
Model Banks TYRA
Morays, e.g. EELS
More profound DEEPER
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
NNW's opposite SSE
Not loco SANE
Old letter salutation SIRS
One who indulges too much in the grape WINO
Opposite of 'At ease!' TENHUT
Pan-cooked brunch treat CREPE
Part to play ROLE
Peruvian peaks ANDES
Place for eggs NEST
Play by George Bernard Shaw SAINTJOAN
Play with, as a Frisbee TOSS
Prepared to pray KNELT
Prop for Picasso EASEL
Put aside for later INRESERVE
Question after the fact SECONDGUESS
Relatively low-temperature star REDDWARF
See 48-Down AMIN
She requested 'As Time Goes By' ILSA
Snooped, with 'about' NOSED
Star Wars program, for short SDI
Star's entourage POSSE
Stick in one's ___ CRAW
Superman's symbol ESS
Takes care of all possibilities COVERSEVERYBASE
The 'U' in B.T.U. UNIT
U.N.C.'s athletic org. ACC
When a plane is due in: Abbr. ETA
Where Bangor is MAINE
Where streets intersect: Abbr. COR
With 1-Across, infamous Ugandan dictator IDI
Words after '... as long as you both shall live?' IDO
___ Aviv TEL
___ forth (et cetera) ANDSO
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