How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 06 2011

'Beat it!' GOHOME
'Caught you!' OHO
'Peer Gynt' playwright IBSEN
'The Waste Land' poet ELIOT
'___ tree falls ...' IFA
45 half SIDEB
A capital of Bolivia SUCRE
Absorb thoroughly SOAKIN
Actresses West and Clarke MAES
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
B.O. sign SRO
Beat it LAM
Bits of cunning WILES
Business and tourist CLASSES
Calypso instrument STEELDRUM
Carrier renamed in 1997 USAIR
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Cold war-era lands: Abbr. SSRS
Collectors' completions SETS
Creature on a slide AMEBA
Droids, iPhones, etc. PDAS
Extend one's tour REUP
Fancy dressers DUDES
Far from demure WANTON
Galas DOS
Golf's Big Easy ELS
Got away from ELUDED
Have a bug AIL
Hosp. areas ERS
It borders two Great Lakes: Abbr. WIS
It might run in the rain MASCARA
It's undeliverable DEADLETTER
Kept in a cellar, perhaps AGED
Kind of projection ASTRAL
Language that gave us 'kiwi' MAORI
Like crowds in the heat of a match AROAR
Like Mrs. Bumstead BLONDE
Links figure PAR
Mangy mutt CUR
Michigan college town ALMA
My ___, Vietnam LAI
Needing a seat belt extender, say OBESE
Non-PC computer IMAC
Not have a home-cooked meal, maybe ORDEROUT
Not taken in by ONTO
Once-common baseball events ... and a hint to 16-, 24-, 46- and 57-Across DOUBLEHEADERS
Ones often marrying in a hurry WARBRIDES
Pair on a couch ARMRESTS
Part of a golf ball DIMPLE
Paternity testing locale DNALAB
Pick 6, e.g. LOTTO
Piedmont city ASTI
Place secretly PLANT
Porcupine, e.g. RODENT
Print resolution meas. DPI
Queendom, e.g. REALM
Roll up, as a sail FURL
Seeks redress SUES
Set of beliefs DOGMA
Set right INDENT
Shape (up) TONE
Shook hands, say MET
Shore leave taker SAILOR
Short-order lunch BLT
Stereotypical glass fillers DENTURES
Summer Triangle star DENEB
Thor, for one THUNDERGOD
Took by the hand LED
Walks like a tosspot REELS
Wanted-poster abbr. AKA
Word on many LPs STEREO
Yankee nickname starting in 2004 AROD
Yellowstone forager MULEDEER
___ amandine SOLE
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