How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 02 2008

'Darn it all!' RATS
'Star Wars' title DARTH
'The Waste Land' poet's monogram TSE
'___ Little Tenderness' (1960s hit) TRYA
12-time Pro Bowl pick Junior ___ SEAU
1977 James Brolin thriller with the tagline 'What EVIL drives ...' THECAR
A suspect might appear in one LINEUP
Bakers' coats ICINGS
Belfry sound KNELL
Big name in supercomputers CRAY
Bounce EJECT
Build ___ (settle down) ANEST
Canadian native CREE
Close to closed AJAR
Co. figure EXEC
Cry before or after sticking out the tongue UGH
Demolish RAZE
Diamond of note NEIL
Do followers REMI
Eighth note QUAVER
Electrical law maker OHM
End of a machine gun sound TAT
End-of-ramp directive YIELD
Estuary RIA
Europe/Asia boundary river URAL
Excite KEYUP
Feature of Alfred E. Neuman's smile GAP
Feature of many an office chair SWIVEL
Fellow, in British slang GUV
Ferris wheel site FAIR
Figure on a hill ANT
Framable frame CEL
Good cheer? RAH
Grain Belt state: Abbr. NEB
Green land EIRE
How Santa dresses, mostly INRED
In debt OWING
Indian music RAGA
Irritated with SOREAT
King's employer CNN
Like 'das' in Ger. NEUT
Little Rock-to-Birmingham dir. ESE
Louise's cinematic partner THELMA
Make it ARRIVE
Meg of 'You've Got Mail' RYAN
N.F.L. game divs. QTRS
Nerve appendage AXON
North Sea feeder ELBE
One of the Jacksons LATOYA
Overly large OBESE
Part of a schedule SLOT
Part of Britain's mil. RAF
Periodic table no. ATWT
Prime coffee-growing area in Hawaii KONA
Reef dweller EEL
Root who won the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize ELIHU
Rounded hairdo AFRO
Sailor's 'stop!' AVAST
Saturday worshipers JEWS
See 47-Across HAY
Set one's sights on AIMAT
Sleep symbols ZEES
Some Dada prints ARPS
Steely Dan's best-selling album AJA
Step 1: Highlight this answer HAPPYBIRTHDAYTO
Step 2: With 43- and 55-Across, do this in the grid (scrambled or not) ... it works for almost anyone! CIRCLELETTERSTO
Strainer SIEVE
Sts. and rds. RTES
Tag info SIZE
The heart in 'I Love New York' signs, e.g. REBUS
Usually black garb HABIT
Western ___ OMELET
Wharf workers' org. ILA
Where to tie one on? DOCK
With 48-Across, '... and that ___!' AINT
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