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Ink Well xwords Oct 23 2009

'Don't ___ mad!' ACTSO
'Dunno yet' MAYBE
'It's not ___ truck. It's a series of tubes' (Senator Ted Stevens describing the internet) ABIG
'LMAO' alternative LOL
'Mad Money' host Jim CRAMER
'Madden 2010' stats YDS
'OK, mom; I'll never do it again, mom' YESM
'Sex-y!' MEOW
'Sheesh!' OYVEY
'Sorry, ___ run!' GOTTA
'The Great White North' insult HOSER
'The ___ mightier ...' PENIS
'You're it!' TAG
A kindly judge might show it LENIENCY
Above the rules, in a way EXEMPT
Access, as a folder CLICKOPEN
Actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
Add slack LOOSEN
Alternative to smoking GUM
Artist who still lives at the Dakota in New York City ONO
Assoc. ORG
Bassist's need AMP
Biz honcho EXEC
Boring BLAH
Bruce or Ben LEE
Bud Selig is its commish MLB
Canterbury saint ANSELM
Certain blacksmith SHOER
Character to avoid, in old Domino's ads NOID
Chile neighbor PERU
Classic villain IAGO
Cold War teen defense fantasy starring Patrick Swayze REDDAWN
Collaboratively edited site WIKI
Conservatives, with 'the' RIGHT
Crucifix CROSS
Damon character, in several films BOURNE
Depressed at the craft fair? INLAID
Diplomat, perhaps, for short UNREP
Divers' needs SCUBAMASKS
Dog who turns 60 next year SNOOPY
Erstwhile Japanese generals SHOGUNS
Excite STOKE
Farmer's market pick-up: Abbr. CSA
FBI workers AGTS
Fig. NUM
Fish-eating birds ERNS
Fleck of the Flecktones BELA
Fred Armisen's show, for short SNL
George Jetson's boy ELROY
Gooey vegetable OKRA
Groundbreaking Johns Hopkins physician Sir William OSLER
He challenged Martin Luther LEOX
Hideo who threw two no-hitters NOMO
Holy glows HALOS
Hoping to head to Valhalla, perhaps NORSE
Human end OID
In excelsis ___ DEO
In secret SUBROSA
Injured 2009 athlete, likely MET
Irish activist/sunglasses-wearer BONO
It comes pre-installed on most Macs OSX
It may be performed at a slam POETRY
It's stranded in the body RNA
Kagan who saved crossword constructors from having to reference a very old actress or a Russian tennis player ELENA
Keep a watch on EYE
Kind of ray GAMMA
Lady who almost always appears naked GODIVA
Leak RUN
Letters on a crucifix INRI
Like most dorms, now COED
Like some scary dogs RABID
Like some street violence MOBLED
Liked, as a hippie would DUG
Lingerie shopping assistants, at times? STOCKINGHOLDERS
Long ago ONCE
Long and Peeples NIAS
Long, as a film EPIC
Low points NADIRS
Made a tax valuation: Abbr. ASSD
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) TAI
Male cat GIB
Manage a cigarette ASH
Metal alloy named for its elements ALNICO
Middays NOONS
Mild cheese EDAM
Minimal bottom THONG
Monthly toiletries PADS
More, in adspeak XTRA
NBA star Wade DWYANE
Nickname for a slow person SLUG
Nights before holidays EVES
Not yet nailed down, for short TBA
November cooking school program? GRAVYTRAINING
Numbers game KENO
Ocasek of the Cars RIC
Old bandleader 'Kid' ___ ORY
One of Ned Flanders's sons ROD
Ottoman title AGHA
Parrying weapon EPEE
Philosopher of the social contract LOCKE
Pigeon's sound COO
Place proximately SETBY
Place to keep some hilariously old computers, if you're my parents ATTIC
Playground retort AMSO
Porterhouse alternative TBONE
Power trio member? HOLYGHOST
Primary state NEWHAMPSHIRE
Put on craigslist, say SELL
Reviled cars that ceased production last year YUGOS
Role-playing game pioneer Gary GYGAX
Sanitation worker, at times HAULER
Scroogean dismissals BAHS
Search for Tori on IMDB? SPELLINGCHECK
See 45-Across HAMM
Sign that Cuba is near? GOODINGOMEN
Site that kept telling me I either had sunburn or cancer, when I had food poisoning WEBMD
Slangy-but-enduring term of approval COOL
Smear, like paint DAUB
Some 'maros IROCS
Some saxes ALTOS
Sources of local produce URBANGARDENS
Space shuttle seals ORINGS
Sport for people apt to wear their gloves upside down? IDIOTBOXING
Stay mad STEW
Stock market overseer, formerly: Abbr. NASD
Swells GROWS
Switch on a radio: Abbr. VOL
Taboo NONO
Take, as land ANNEX
Talked about in advance HYPED
Tax form fig. AGI
The feds, in newspaper headlines GOVT
Therefore ERGO
They're over par BOGEYS
Time of coming together, perhaps SEX
Traffic report curse word GRIDLOCK
Try to make it over a chasm, say LEAP
Used (to) INURED
Wafting thing AROMA
Wane EBB
When Christianity was 'conceived'? ONEBC
Where one might see the sounds embedded in this puzzle's theme answers COMICS
Window, e.g. GLASSPLATE
With 46-Across, soccer star who holds the world record for most goals in international competition MIA
Woodwind instrument: Abbr. CLAR
Yemen's capital SANA
You might get one for a sac fly RBI
You suck if you use one TEAT
['Die Wurst ist ruiniert!'] ACH
___ Friday's TGI
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