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Ink Well xwords Nov 30 2012

'I'll just watch for now' YOUFIRST
'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' pieces SASHIMI
'Life's ___' (T. Rex song) AGAS
'Monsters' or 'Food' follower INC
'Shut your word hole' CANIT
'Whatevs' MEH
.MOV alternative AVI
1990s comedy film about an Italian restaurant owned by brothers BIGNIGHT
2005 Will Smith film HITCH
Abbr. in dungeons SAM
Actor/musician who hosted 'Fishing with John' LURIE
Antediluvians RELICS
Besieged Syrian leader Bashar ASSAD
Blender maker OSTER
Boosted one's lifting JUICED
Breathtakingly juvenile rap-rock band, for short ICP
Carmaker with a griffin logo SAAB
Clinches ICES
Consumer protection org BBB
Craziness TURMOIL
Device that might blink 12:00 VCR
Elba on 'The Wire' IDRIS
Fashion designer Geoffrey BEENE
Father SIRE
Fed-up sounds UGHS
Film that brought Brad and Angelina together MRAMRSSMITH
Film that preceded 'New Moon' TWILIGHT
Flipped over ADORED
Heavy load ONUS
Her first word was voiced by Liz Taylor MAGGIE
Herb with roast chicken SAGE
High time? JAG
Hog-wild AMOK
Inside-out symbol of hope in the ninth RALLYCAP
Joneses YENS
Ke$ha's 'Tik ___' TOK
Lane off-limits to loners, briefly HOV
Letters after forty hours TGIF
Like lucid responses on Yahoo! Answers RARE
Mac hard drive searching tool FINDER
MacBook option AIR
Magician Geller URI
Medieval animal catalogue BESTIARY
Model Carangi who died young GIA
More bright BRAINIER
More there SANER
Obscure ARCANE
Oscar-nominated role for Pat Morita MIYAGI
Ousted Ohio State football coach Jim TRESSEL
Posthumous Michael Jackson concert film THISISIT
Producer who worked with Cobain on 'In Utero' ALBINI
Psychoanalyst Fromm ERICH
Puts a face to a name? IDS
Reagan nickname GIPPER
Returns, as an injury FLARESUP
Rock, for some PET
Running might burn it FAT
Savings plan, briefly IRA
Scientific truth LAW
Skin mag's depiction FLESH
Skip town LAM
Spanish son? ARE
Stereotypical orphanage bowlfuls GRUELS
Stretches out, as a blueprint UNROLLS
Styling need GEL
Super uncool org. despite having Wizards and Knights KKK
Tarantino film with two volumes KILLBILL
Taste TRY
Tech-obsessed conference series TED
Tone ___ LOC
Trompe l'___ OEIL
Twice, a noted Chinese dissident/artist WEI
Type ILK
Unfortunately common wakeup time for baby Julius Tausig TWOAM
Unwatchable Sandler film about a magic remote CLICK
___ Space Holiday HER
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