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Ink Well xwords May 29 2009

'A Boy Named Sue' writer Silverstein SHEL
'America's Most Affordable Vacation State': AAA NDAK
'Daisy' singer of cinema HAL
'Dirty Sexy Money' actress Lucy LIU
'Makes sense' ISEE
'The Joy Luck Club' author AMYTAN
'Unbelievable' band EMF
'___ Peach' (Allman Brothers Band record) EATA
2001 Will Smith biopic ALI
2009 Western Conference Finals team DENVERNUGGETS
Abraham or Homer SIMPSON
Afghanistan occupier, in the 1980s USSR
Alternative to smoking? NON
An Obama MALIA
Ancient Mesoamerican people MAYA
Annual energy-saving meas. DST
Band that won five MTV Video Music Awards for 'Take on Me' in 1986 AHA
Black tea type ASSAM
Blood-typing letters ABO
Bodybuilding focus, for short DELTS
Cable alternative DSL
Can's contents, in belligerent slang WHOOPASS
Casual encounters abbr. SWF
Counsel ADVISE
Egyptian bird god HORUS
Gp. that sponsors 'Safe Rides' for teenagers SADD
Great divides CHASMS
Harvest REAP
Hookup TRYST
Int'l aid overseer, often NGO
Into mixed media, maybe ARTY
Junk part? DONG
Like full-time employees, usually SALARIED
Like leather, perhaps KINKY
Like Soviet architecture DRAB
Map detail INSET
Meat recaller: Abbr. USDA
Modular feature on some chairs for the elderly DROPARMS
Most lowly BASEST
Not on the up-and-up SHADY
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer DIM
Nuclear trials ATESTS
Nurse SIP
Ones in distress, stereotypically DAMSELS
Part of a 'Seinfeld' catchphrase YADA
Person paid by the bank to make deposits SPERMDONOR
Piece of protective soccer equipment SHINPAD
Playing the ___ (improvised verbal contest) DOZENS
Progressive people, with 'the' LEFT
R.E.M.'s label, once IRS
Radar sound PING
Rd. alternatives STS
Resembling ALA
Role for Billy Dee LANDO
Royal address SIRE
Siesta takers, e.g. NAPPERS
Sitcom planet first mentioned in an episode of 'Happy Days' ORK
Solo of 'Star Wars' HAN
Some desktop publications FANZINES
Some phone messages, briefly SMSS
Star Wars, briefly SDI
Stellar ASTRAL
They may be cracked CODES
Threatened INPERIL
Throw in ADDTO
Tuba onomatopoeia OOMPAH
Unmoved audience member, metonymically DRYEYE
Warm house, impressively IGLOO
With innuendo, say RACILY
Withdraw, as from a mission ABORT
___-Wan OBI
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