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Ink Well xwords May 07 2010

'Deadwood' lawman Wyatt EARP
'Hard starboard! It's Shakira!'? HIPSAHOY
'Jersey Shore' toiletry item GEL
'Piece of cake!' ASNAP
'Rock and Roll, Hoochie ___' KOO
'Very impressive!' OOH
Agenda things ITEMS
Bee's quaff NECTAR
Believer's suffix IST
Clock sound TOCK
Come ___ head TOA
Constricting snake BOA
Di or da preceder in a Beatles song OBLA
Do the voice of IMPERSONATE
Esq. trained in conflict negotiation? BEEFATTY
Fancy bag monogram YSL
Fraction of a joule ERG
French Quarter affirmation OUI
Frodo's creator Tolkien JRR
Gangsta armed with an iPad? APPLECRIP
give every1 a super quick update on what ur doing at the moment (w/ a lot of abbrs) because u only get 140 characters, and that's really not e TWEET
Go after SETAT
GPS suggestion RTE
Green pear ANJOU
Hair piece? TUFT
Heart charts, for short EKGS
How trains run, ideally ONTIME
Jason Lee title character on TV EARL
Landmines, so to speak PERILS
Like some sex TANTRIC
Like some thermometers ORAL
Long (for) YEARN
Lunchbox staple, casually PBJ
Made one's inattention obvious, in a way SNORED
Mai ____ (rum cocktail) TAI
More sizeable: Abbr. LGR
Nirvana stage? HIGHERPLANE
Northern Scandinavians LAPPS
Noted 2006 film character BORAT
One who signs up for a contest ENTRANT
Org. concerned with H1N1 CDC
Pal of Pooh ROO
Pants descriptor CAPRI
Periodic table fig. ATNO
Place for a rubber duckie BATH
Polite interruption words IFIMAY
Presentation picture DIAGRAM
Princess costume topper TIARA
Prisoners who keep forgetting mealtimes and exercise hours? CONFLAKES
Raised specifically to be a jockey? SHORTBRED
Scrapped airplane SST
Seriousness DEPTH
Shepherd's place LEA
Some Impressionist pieces MANETS
South Africa 2010 cry OLE
State of anger IRE
Stoned ONPOT
Tends to the sauce, say STIRS
The best tropical wood available? PRIMETEAK
The North Star POLARIS
The only person with the authority to call a strike, for short UMP
They may be listed on a slip of paper included with a book ERRATA
They're usually given at birth NAMES
Tightknit group CLAN
Truck wts. TNS
Truth ___ SERUM
Weave's partner, in boxing BOB
West Coast sports conf. CALPAC
What may go to the dogs - and what the letters dropped from the foods in 18-, 25-, 32-, 42-, 50, and 57-Across spell SCRAPS
When many diet ads promise to deliver results INAWEEK
White Monopoly bill ONE
Word of negation NOT
Zoo babies in pouches JOEYS
___ of urgency ASENSE
___ Speedwagon REO
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