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Ink Well xwords Mar 19 2010

'Ben-___' HUR
'Fame' singer Cara IRENE
'I knew it all along!' AHA
'Not a goddamn chance' HELLNO
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
Act introducer EMCEE
Albatross ONUS
Archetypical 'hot mess' Lindsay LOHAN
Arrow paradox philosopher ZENO
Award for a bachelor: Abbr. DEG
Biological blueprint DNA
Blade in some Mathew Brady Civil War photographs SABER
Bombs a train car, slangily TAGS
Brooklynese pronoun DESE
Called every name in the book SWOREAT
Carried a glow stick, say RAVED
City with an NBA team, but no NFL, MLB, or NHL club: Abbr. ORL
Clear, as a cold nose? DEICE
Controversial letters in California, these days IOU
Cooking vessel for fried rice WOK
Decline to answer IGNORE
Dies away ABATES
Each partner EVERY
Excessively TOO
Fantasy beast ORC
Farmer's ___ TAN
Fictional Scarlett OHARA
Fish with slimy layers EELS
Formal rulings DICTA
Garage Mahal MCMANSION
Get married, then get on your partner's nerves? MATEANDGRATE
Gold, in Latin AURUM
Great Carolingian king, on regnal lists CHARLESI
Group led by Master Splinter, initially TMNT
Histories PASTS
It became Tokyo in 1868 EDO
Japanese delicacy ROE
Jessie who was A.C. Slater's girl SPANO
Kim and Oscar, e.g. WILDES
LeBron, to fans KINGJAMES
Like many legal charges STATUTORY
Linguist's vowel: Var. SHWA
Make like a bunny HOP
Modern missives, briefly SMSS
Monthly payment, usually THERENT
Ninth Hebrew letter TETH
Number of fugitives on a noted list TEN
Old album material ACETATE
Oscar-nominee Gabourey SIDIBE
People dependent on barley? GRAINSLAVES
Pronoun not used for god in 'The Inclusive Bible' HIM
Put-down DIS
Rapids rental CANOE
Righteous Babe Records name ANI
Sea World creature who seems to be really fixated on something? STARINGWHALE
Skewered meat flavoring SATESAUCE
Some frozen waffles EGGOS
Source of sodium from Keebler ZESTA
Spring training stat ERA
Stern-faced tool? OAR
Strips at the symphony? REEDS
Title in many an Indian restaurant name RAJA
U.S. Grant foe RELEE
Universal donor type ONEGATIVE
Unpleasant, in a way ICY
Wear an Arthur Ashe shirt to a Ku Klux Klan rally? BAITTHEHATE
What 'veni' means ICAME
What you might be asked to keep a secret on THEQT
Who, abroad QUI
Yoga surface MAT
___ Moon Frye (Punky Brewster portrayer) SOLEIL
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