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Ink Well xwords Jun 27 2008

'Apocalypse Now' setting, casually NAM
'Must've been something ___' IATE
'The Aviator' carrier TWA
'Unbelievable' band EMF
'Yippee!' OHBOY
'___ come to my attention ...' ITHAS
'___ Experienced?' (debut Hendrix album) AREYOU
1990s NBA dynasty team BULLS
2008 role for Benicio Del Toro CHE
A, B, or C, e.g. CHOICE
Ailment WOE
Arena cry OLE
Band who created the soundtrack for 'The Virgin Suicides' AIR
Biblical fragrance MYRRH
Bit of butter PAT
Brokerage house whose ads are animated by Flat Black Films SCHWAB
Brutal, padless sport RUGBY
Came down RAINED
Captain's record LOG
Chopped down HEWN
City on the Trans-Siberian Railway OMSK
Class-action philosopher? MARX
Cosmic campaign appearance? BARACKATTHEMOON
Country with a ruling Communist party NEPAL
Creator of the (current) world's fastest supercomputer IBM
Daily routine WORK
Dealer's inventory tag? ACIDNUMBER
Depth, of a sort SOUL
Destructive 2005 hurricane WILMA
Digital edition EBOOK
Echolocating creature BAT
Everest or Sinai MOUNT
ExxonMobil brand ESSO
F.C. Barcelona football star Samuel ___'o ETO
Floral-scented rapper? LILACWAYNE
Go at it SPAR
Go wrong ERR
Goblin Cock's genre METAL
Heart chambers ATRIA
Heaters GATS
Hot date, perhaps ARMCANDY
However, briefly THO
Human genome project stuff DNA
Humdrum BLAH
It may include a cadenza ARIA
John with a green-and-yellow logo DEERE
Kafka hero Gregor SAMSA
Key word in a gag from the 'Borat' movie NOT
Little island CAY
Market indicator DOW
Napoleonic force ARMEE
Niš resident SERB
Pharmaceutical company budget line generally dwarfed by ad expenditures: Abbr. RANDD
Plane site? SKY
Queens-based clothier FUBU
Ride uptown, perhaps CAB
Roman emperor who completed the Colosseum TITUS
Search engine that employs human searchers CHACHA
Security feature on yen banknotes HOLOGRAM
Skid cause ICE
Sobriquet for a Houston Rockets star TMAC
Some screensaver images SUNSETS
Spike setup LOB
Stella Artois rival BECKS
Stuck around STAYED
Suggestion during a heat wave, or a hint to this puzzle's theme TURNONTHEAC
Summer abroad ETE
Tailless breed MANXCAT
Ten-megaton finish? BOMBSHELLAC
The ___ world ARAB
Tide type EBB
Up in someone's business NOSEY
Upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film about the early years of video gaming ATARI
__-mo SLO
___ of thousands ACAST
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