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Ink Well xwords Jan 04 2013

'Cut that out!' HEY
'OMG since 1997' program AIM
'Rooms' in some no-frills hotels PODS
'Scanners' ability, briefly ESP
'Star Trek' race HUMAN
'Steve ___!' ('Arrested Development' catchphrase) HOLT
'Who do you think you ___?' ARE
'___ On Down the Road' ('The Wiz' song) EASE
'___: She Wolf of the SS' ILSA
A head PER
Agrees to, as a contract INKS
Band's consultants, e.g PRMEN
Big name in ketchup packets and such SYSCO
Big name in talking machines RCA
Boat shed items OARS
Buddhist memorial temple STUPA
Carry, as an awkwardly shaped box LUG
Celebrates a birthday AGES
Certain unpopular kid SPAZZ
Character with an antenna on his hat ELROY
Chilled out, as it were ZEN
Citi Field player, briefly NYMET
Colored ball pits, say PLAYAREAS
Common average for holes above 250 yards PARFOUR
Convenience store connected to BP AMPM
DIY relocation choice UHAUL
Do some indoor cycling with a few in you? SPINTIPSY
Doctrine CREDO
Earned, as a salary MADE
Express what's inside you? PUKE
Fighting words ITSON
Genderfucking outfit DRAG
Give no stars to, say PAN
Group with divisions ARMY
Hacked at some wheat, say REAPED
Hail Mary, e.g PASS
Hipster bike type FIXEDGEAR
Hummus brand SABRA
Its contents may be expired URN
Jackie O's designer OLEG
Japanese massage practice REIKI
Kalashnikovs AKS
Keep down OPPRESS
Lobbying org. in an awkward position nowadays NRA
Long, rambling jokes at the bar? LOADEDHUMOR
Minor incident MISHAP
Neo-Druid, e.g PAGAN
Noted straight-to-video director Boll UWE
Off the scale? ATONAL
Offer your seat to (someone)? MOON
On the ball ASTUTE
One might go around BUG
Org. with Bills and Chargers AFC
Outfielder Minnie who played professionally in seven decades MINOSO
Oxo alternative EKCO
Place for petting, perhaps ZOO
Post-frat party bottle pick-up? SMASHEDCLEANING
Protection provider MAFIA
Qualifying suffix ISH
Ramadan ender EID
RC, e.g COLA
Ref. with no proper nouns in its earliest edition OED
Release UNYOKE
Religious rights defender ACLU
Result of too much Molson on Boxing Day? CANADALIT
Russian legislature DUMA
Sex ed subject GONADS
Site security need USERID
Sleek Jaguar XKE
Sloppy witch's curse? BOMBEDSPELL
Slowly, in music ADAGIO
Spectacle SCENE
Sri Lankan tea PEKOE
Takes on, as a new Facebook friend ADDS
Tree that might be slippery ELM
Used to be WERE
Wentz who married Ashlee Simpson PETE
White collar crime-of-the-century name MADOFF
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