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Ink Well xwords Dec 14 2012

'Amirite?' YKNOW
'Business is fun' company ATARI
'Closing Time' band SEMISONIC
'Lord of the Rings' weapon PIKE
'Space Invaders' maker TAITO
'What's up with ___?' THAT
747s, e.g JUMBOJETS
Afghan protrusion SNOUT
All told INTOTAL
Astrological diva LEO
Bart and Lisa's creator MATT
Bebé's treat LECHE
Belgian book LIVRE
Biceps, e.g FLEXOR
Big name in outdoor equipment, for short EMS
Bohemian, e.g SLAV
Break point, in tennis ADOUT
Brunch special drinks OJS
Carried, as a gun TOTED
Certain sibling interactions SPATS
Class presidential nominee in 'Napoleon Dynamite' PEDRO
Colleague of Nurse Jackie, casually ERDOC
Course averages? PARS
Duck, as the Feds EVADE
Eating sound NOM
Either brother in a Nickelodeon show PETE
Emperor Qinshihuang's dynasty QIN
Film in which Joe Pesci does not curse HOMEALONE
Fires from Washington OUSTS
Fleetwood Mac's 'cocaine opus' TUSK
Frau in a really dark Brothers Grimm story TRUDE
Fritz Lang's lang GER
Gave, as an estimate QUOTED
Group that included Mr. T as 'Bad Attitude' Baracus ATEAM
Hitchcock film that ends with a nun saying 'God, have mercy' VERTIGO
Jazz (up) LIVEN
Jelly dish ASPIC
Jenna, to Jeb NIECE
Jon Stewart or Mark Twain PSEUDONYM
Label for Alicia Keys RCA
Leakes of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' NENE
Like many 'Star Trek' races HUMANOID
Like the moon, in real estate terms UNOWNED
Manners MIENS
Modifiable site WIKI
Morning moistures DEWS
Mustard with white wine DIJON
Netbook name ACER
One of fifty shades of grey, say? HUE
Paul Krugman's subj ECON
Perceptions SENSORIA
Phillie Chase on Sports Illustrated's 'MLB All-Decade Team' UTLEY
Piano student's practice ETUDE
Pine plains BARRENS
Pirate's coins DOUBLOONS
Popped (out) FLIED
Post-op place ICU
Profound DEEP
Racism's cousin XENOPHOBIA
Result of ruminating IDEA
ROFL alternative LMAO
Russian prince known as 'Moneybag' IVANI
Sarcastic '90s negation NOT
Small taste or, pronounced aloud, a hint to this puzzle's theme SOUPCON
Smiling cow of advertising ELSIE
Some UPS deliveries CODS
Transnational highway built by Ike ITEN
Winner of the 1976 ABA Slam Dunk contest DRJ
XXL article subjects MCS
___ contendere NOLO
___ out (stop subscribing) OPT
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