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Ink Well xwords Aug 15 2008

'4'33'' composer John CAGE
'Hey, didn't see you there ...' OHHI
'Lolita' director Adrian LYNE
'Never heard of 'em ...' WHO
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?' SIE
'The Truth About ___ Geller' (book by the Amazing Randi) URI
'You said it ...' AMEN
'___ a Letter to My Love' (Simone Signoret film) ISENT
'___ cost you!' ITLL
'___ Don't Lie' HIPS
212 ___ (world record stat for typist Barbara Blackburn) WPM
Asian nation with a ruling Maoist party NEPAL
Battery partner ASSAULT
Blood carrier VESSEL
Breadwinner EARNER
Camper driver RVER
Caribbean destination STKITTS
Casino where 'Casino' was filmed RIVIERA
Champagne boycotted by Jay-Z and others CRISTAL
Changer of locks? HAIRDYE
Conventional party dish BEANDIP
Deposit site, perhaps ATM
Extremely strong mouse hunter? POWERCAT
Fading afternoon tradition in Spain SIESTA
False friends JUDASES
Flee hastily LAM
Gay bathing spot? BOYSBEACH
Harmony SYNC
Hockey's Phil, familiarly ESPO
Hooters OWLS
Hot tub noises AAHS
Isaac who wrote himself into 'Murder at the ABA' ASIMOV
It comes with strings attached IUD
It may be chased SHOT
Kind of pewter LEY
Lab's brand ALPO
Less colorful PALER
Like a recently used fireplace ASHY
Lukas of Gus Van Sant's 'Last Days' HAAS
Math-lover's sensation? DIVISIONJOY
Military gp. for some 9th-graders JROTC
Mr. Miyagi, e.g. SENSEI
Often-gratuitous metal markings UMLAUTS
P.I. played by Brosnan STEELE
Passover story villain PHARAOH
Person invoked in some playground boasts MYDAD
Place for a stud LOBE
Poison ___ OAK
Preppy brand JCREW
Pretend to need a sweater? PLAYCOLD
Quite the hit ASMASH
Radio stations, e.g. AIRERS
Raise to the third power CUBE
Roof overhang EAVE
Rooting area STY
Sad story PLIGHT
Schedules SLATES
Screen type LCD
Self-excluding statement NOTME
She said: 'The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off' STEINEM
Singer born Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin ENYA
Spike or Robert E. LEE
Stable diet HAY
Ten-point draws in Scrabulous (R.I.P.) ZTILES
The chirping of a bird or the spraying of a hose? GARDENSOUND
Theoretical threat from Iraq WMD
Thumbs-up ASSENT
U.S. dance company ABT
Villain's den LAIR
Words on a vintage store tag ASIS
Yemen's capital SANAA
___ Minor URSA
___ Park (phonograph's birthplace) MENLO
___-Grain cereal bars NUTRI
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