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Ink Well xwords Aug 14 2009

'Cathy' cry ACK
'Neun und Neunzig Luftballoons' singer NENA
'See ya later, hombre' MANANA
'South Park' dog or former baseball manager Anderson SPARKY
'___ Easy' ('Appetite for Destruction' track) ITSSO
'___ My Name' (2000 Destiny's Child single) SAY
'___ on Race' (James Baldwin/Margaret Mead title) ARAP
'___ Stone' (short-lived ABC series) ELI
After-dinner coffee choices, often DECAFS
Alternative to vernacular, historically LATIN
Ang or Spike of film LEE
Awesome songs, as it were JAMS
Band responsible for 'Barbie Girl' AQUA
Beret's place TETE
Betel nut trees ARECAS
Blended whisky brand JANDB
Catch SEE
Certain CBS spinoffs CSIS
Certain state lotto game KENO
Common mark for a prodigy APLUS
Conservatory wind OBOE
Court divider NET
Digital camera option, for short SLR
Eucharist box PYX
Expenses for a surprise contender? UPSTARTCOSTS
Eye part that may become detached RETINA
Family card game UNO
Gangsta rapper named for a gangster CAPONE
Green trash-dweller of children's TV OSCAR
Gridiron gains: Abbr. YDS
Hartley or 9000 HAL
Headshop purchases PIPES
Include invisibly in an email BCC
Island garland LEI
Jeweler's magnifier LOUPE
Lab dwellers RATS
Lusts YENS
Magazine article measurement LINAGE
Makes some shocking macaroni art, perhaps? UPSETSCAMP
Marseilles Mrs. MME
MBA's potential employer, briefly IBANK
Modern film format BLURAY
Most short TERSEST
Music, e.g. ART
Name in ink EPSON
Obedient RULY
Overly concerned with fine print ANAL
Period ERA
Post-trim application TALC
Pranked by throwing rolls TPED
Prefix for various and sundry Jay-Z ventures ROCA
Promise to a rhinoplasty patient with a droopy nose? ITLLUPTURN
Question from a deaf hombre QUE
Queue after Q RSTUV
Recess teasing defense IDOSO
Record holder? IPOD
Reeking OLID
Right-leaning type, briefly ITALS
Seize, as an opportunity LEAPON
Service with a significant recruiting presence at American high schools USARMY
Short CURT
Source of some support BRA
Station with multiple Tyler Perry programs TBS
Sudden-death times: Abbr. OTS
Surround with light, as in paintings of heaven ENHALO
Sweet roll BRIOCHE
Syllable of dismissal FEH
Terpenoid organic chemical that makes music sound really awesome THC
The swirl at the bottom of the tub, e.g. VORTEX
Well-used vehicle maintaining a positive attitude? UPBEATOLDCAR
What bipeds do? STEPUPRIGHT
Where 'Antiques Roadshow' airs ONPBS
You might just want to skip it STONE
Zen sensation of enlightenment SATORI
___ ease ILLAT
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