How many letters in the Answer?

Rock and Roll Sep 27 2015

"A Million Ways" band OKGO
"Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Louis ___ XIV
"Flesh for Fantasy" Billy IDOL
"Girl You Know It's True" ___ Vanilli MILLI
"Going to a ___" (hyph.) GOGO
"Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a ___" GAS
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, ___" ONEBEER
"The man from the magazine said I was on my way" CCR song LODI
"Walking on ___" Annie Lennox BROKENGLASS
"___ Sandman" ENTER
'87 Patrick Swayze "Dirty Dancing" hit SHESLIKETHEWIND
'99 Jars of Clay album "If ___ the Zoo" ILEFT
'99 Stroke 9 album "___ Little Thoughts" NASTY
Alice in Chains "Man ___ Box" INTHE
Alice in Chains "___ Gland" IRON
Alice in Chains "___ me sleep so my teeth won't grind" LET
Alice in Chains "___ the flood again." INTO
Beatles "Free as ___" ABIRD
Bette Midler "In the spring, becomes the ___" ROSE
Beyonce "Check ___" ONIT
Blink-182 "I ___ this is growing up" GUESS
Blow away AWE
Bootsy Collins' pals Deee-___ LITE
Calabrese "Vampires Don't ___" EXIST
Career mishap ERROR
Carly Simon "___ Want Is You" ALLI
Cars with bars LIMOS
Clarke of Depeche Mode VINCE
Color of Dave Matthews' "Street" GREY
Counting Crows "Across ___: Live in New York City" AWIRE
Don Henley "How Bad Do You ___?" WANTIT
Elton John "Empty ___" SKY
Everclear home state, for short ORE
Falco "___ Kommissar" DER
Fidgety Disrupt album? UNREST
Get rid of bad disc TOSS
Harry Connick Jr. "Come ___" BYME
Holy song off "Alice in Chains" album? GODAM
Iggy Pop "___ Live 1977" TVEYE
Irish popsters ___, Dale Haze and the Champions GINA
James Carrington song about hurt? ACHE
Kelly Rowland hit about togetherness? UNITY
Kid Rock guitarist Kenny OLSON
Kind of record store delivery PARCEL
Like fashion on bar tour CASUAL
Lisa Lisa loves her baby from "Head" to this TOE
Makes a face for camera MUGS
Marvin Sapp song he will zoom in on? MAGNIFY
McBrain of Iron Maiden NICKO
Nazareth "Morning ___" DEW
Otep "___ and Nail" NOOSE
Ozzy might go off one on a "Crazy Train" RAIL
Pat Benatar "Fire and ___" ICE
Peter Criss "___ Rock You" LETME
Producer Peter ASHER
Ricky Nelson "___ a Feeling" IGOT
Rod Stewart "___ Told You Lately" HAVEI
Savage Garden "___ I Loved You" IKNEW
Singer Yothers of '80s show "Family Ties" TINA
Snot song they didn't show up for? ABSENT
Staley of Alice in Chains LAYNE
The Dubliners' Ronnie DREW
The Lads "___ Day" ARBOR
The man in black CASH
There is a Phil Lynott one in Dublin STATUE
Toad the Wet Sprocket "___ Afraid" AREWE
Tone Loc had a "Funky Cold" one MEDINA
Tool "Right in ___" TWO
Tool '96 "Stinkfist" album AENIMA
Village People "___ Man" MACHO
Wallflowers hit album "Bringing Down the ___" HORSE
What label does to new band HYPES
What wardrobe did to ripped spandex SEWED
Yo La Tengo "Let's Save ___ Orlando's House" TONY
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