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Rock and Roll Nov 18 2012

"Birds do it, ___ do it, even educated fleas do it" BEES
"Connected" Stereo ___ MCS
"Every Picture Tells ___" ASTORY
"Hallelujah" Leonard COHEN
"Maple Leaf ___" RAG
"Someone to Love You" R&Bers ___ Endz RUFF
"Spirits Having Flown" Bee ___ GEES
"Straight Outta Compton" rappers NWA
"Sultans of Swing" ___ Straits DIRE
"The Cisco Kid" band WAR
"The E.N.D." Black Eyed ___ PEAS
"The ___ mightier than the sword" PENIS
"This Side of Paradise" Ocasek RIC
'09 Sick Puppies "Maybe" album "___-Polar" TRI
'60s singer Bobby VEE
'80s "Live Is Life" band OPUS
'80s hardcore label SST
'80s Joe Cocker smash WHENTHENIGHTCOMES
'86 David Lee Roth smash YANKEEROSE
'96 Tonic debut LEMONPARADE
Afghan Whigs album in '90 UPINIT
Alice in Chains "Got Me Wrong" EP SAP
Anders Osborne "Black ___" TAR
Archers of Loaf song about apprehending tenants? RENTALSTING
Bake, at hot festival show FRY
Billy Squier "Don't ___" SAYNO
Biography MEMOIR
Bob Dylan "___ It All Away" ITHREW
Bowie "Queen of All the ___" TARTS
Broke fans sit in the cheap ones SEATS
Cat Stevens "Back ___" TOEARTH
Classic Carole King album TAPESTRY
Come up with CREATE
Cuban dance RUMBA
Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar ___" ONME
Dio "___ Heart" SACRED
Don Henley "All She Wants to ___" DOISDANCE
Eddie Vedder "Hard ___" SUN
Elvis "Return to ___" SENDER
Foreigner "Dirty White ___" BOY
Gary Clark Jr. "Don't ___ You a Thang" OWE
George Harrison "All Those Years ___" AGO
Gets promoted at label RISES
Gloria Estefan song about a rascal BADBOY
Go-Go's "Our Lips ___ Sealed" ARE
Hall & Oates "Say It ___" ISNTSO
Happenings "___ You in September" SEE
Harmonica, aka mouth ___ HARP
Hendrix "___: Bold as Love" AXIS
Hold an album dear ADORE
Hotel that might get rocked, post-show HYATT
If you fight it, it might win LAW
Indie-electros Uh Huh ___ HER
Jeff of Pearl Jam AMENT
John of Steppenwolf KAY
Keyman Clark of Dire Straits ALAN
Like bonus DVD EXTRA
Like David Lee Roth, in early days AGILE
Like some hippies? BAREFOOT
Luis Miguel song "Sabor ___" AMI
Lyle Lovett's favorite Antarctic bird, perhaps PENGUIN
Manowar "The ___" OATH
Might do it to your dance partner DIP
Mos ___ DEF
Mosh locale PIT
Musical classic "___ in the Clowns" SEND
Musician that's been around (Abbr.) VET
Mutemath's debut EP you play again? RESET
Nada Surf "Neither Heaven ___ Space" NOR
Need one for your amp PLUG
Nelly Furtado song about an attempt? TRY
Network the Academy of Country Music Awards is on CBS
Not mono STEREO
Pat Benatar "You Better ___" RUN
Patrick Swayze movie w/Jeff Healey ROADHOUSE
Sade "Hold ___ Your Love" ONTO
Sarah Brightman "___ Came of Age" ASI
Stones "I can almost hear you ___, I can almost hear you cry" SIGH
Stormtroopers of Death, for short SOD
They go with oohs AHS
They have wet sprockets? TOADS
Third Eye Blind "Losing ___" AWHOLEYEAR
Type of drum SNARE
U.K. electronic band CICADA
UB40 "___ Am (Come and Take Me)" HEREI
Used by record execs in the '90s PAGERS
Village People "In the ___" NAVY
What Aly & AJ's "Chemicals" do REACT
What band does at airport BOARDS
What C+C Music Factory is gonna make you do SWEAT
What crowd will do when power gets pulled CLAMOR
What unoriginal band did DERIVED
Where stuggling U.K. singer/songwriters play PUB
Where you park for a big show LOT
Word with turntable HIFI
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