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Rock and Roll Jun 23 2013

"Angels ___ Us" Alabama AMONG
"Animal" pop singer KESHA
"Gipsy Kings Live" song about a building? ODEON
"Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys" Guthrie ARLO
"Rock Steady" album (abbr.) BADCO
"Sensitive Artist" group ___ Missile KING
"The Beekeeper" Tori AMOS
'78 Rod Stewart #1 DOYATHINKIMSEXY
'80s band When in ___ ROME
'89 Stevie Ray Vaughan album INSTEP
Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar ___" BABIES
All-female Swedes Drain ___ STH
Awol rockers can't handle this STRESS
Beastie Boy Yauch ADAM
Bicycle Thief "Everyone ___" ASKS
Biggie was "Going Back to" here CALI
Bill Withers-inspired Hinder song? USEME
Blue Rodeo "___ Hit Me Yet" HASNT
Blues rocker Bramhall II DOYLE
Bob Seger's Chuck Berry cover "C'est ___" LAVIE
Bon Iver song that shows spirit? TEAM
Breezed through audition ACED
Bronx old-school funksters ESG
Churchy Kid Rock song? AMEN
Coldplay "One ___" ILOVE
Comes after The Police's "De Do Do Do" DEDADADA
Derek Trucks' rocker wife Susan TEDESCHI
Eminem "___ Model" ROLE
Flying Burrito Brothers member Parsons GRAM
Gershwin's biggest seller, sung by Al Jolson SWANEE
Goes with Soul Coughing's "Lemon" LIME
Grabby Jewel song? HANDS
Howard Jones "___ Lib" HUMANS
Irish band that smokes? ASH
Japanese femmes ___SkaBand ORE
Jazzy Traffic instrumental GLAD
Johnny Nash "___ See Clearly Now" ICAN
Kind of "Chicken" to Little Feat DIXIE
Kind of "Emotions," to The Stones MIXED
Kylie Minogue "The ___-Motion" LOCO
Long-running U.K. mag NME
Motley Crue singer Vince NEIL
Nat King Cole song about Da Vinci painting? MONALISA
Neil Young "Comes ___" ATIME
Notch on festival list SLOT
NY alt-rockers ___ Surf NADA
Offspring "That's OK cause I got no self ___" ESTEEM
Onyx hit about impact? SLAM
Opeth "Watershed" opener COIL
Ozzy's Black Sabbath replacement DIO
Paramore "Where the ___ Overlap" LINES
Pat Benatar "___ a Weapon" SEXAS
Patty of Scandal SMYTH
Paul Carrack '70s band ACE
Peppers "By the ___" WAY
Pet Shop Boys "West ___ Girls" END
Peter Gabriel album "Shaking the ___: Sixteen Golden Greats" TREE
Peter Gabriel's Grammy-winning video STEAM
Queen "___ Are the Days of Our Lives" THESE
Rammstein song, also French for love AMOUR
Rod Stewart "All in the ___ of Rock 'n' Roll" NAME
Rod Stewart "You __ me away from home" LED
Rod Stewart "___ in love you're never out of danger" ONCE
Rod Stewart & Ron Isley "This Old Heart of ___" MINE
Scottish singer Susan BOYLE
Sick Puppies "___ One" ODD
Simple Plan "Your Love is ___" ALIE
Slayer "___ of Sacrifice" ALTAR
Smoky song off Weezer's "Green Album"? HASHPIPE
That Handsome Devil "My ___ a Shiv" (2 words) PENIS
The single (hyph.) ASIDE
Theory of a Deadman album "___ Souvenirs" SCARSAND
Tomahawk "___ De Sac" CUL
Village People favorite YMCA
What happens to Papa Roach if they don't "Change"? DIE
Where Springsteen finds "Darkness"? EDGES
Zwan "___ of the Sea" MARYSTAR
___-Lite DEEE
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