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Rock and Roll Jan 11 2015

"American Doll Posse" Tori AMOS
"Birds do it, bees do it, even educated ___ do it" FLEAS
"Dear Angie" band IVEYS
"I got ___ and I got a number, I got a line on you" ANAME
"Maybe" Paul McCartney will do this at show? AMAZE
"Not quite a year since she went away, Rosanna" band TOTO
"Smallest unit of matter" Ani DiFranco sings about ATOM
"Stories of a Stranger" Maryland band OAR
"Touch and Go" Force ___ MDS
"When ___ Your Name" Vince Gill ICALL
"___ of Your Business" Salt-N-Pepa NONE
'70 Grateful Dead album WORKINGMANSDEAD
'80s Sting smash WELLBETOGETHER
'82 Duran Duran smash RIO
30 Seconds to Mars "This ___" ISWAR
Aaliyah "___ a Million" ONEIN
Alpha Conspiracy album about atmosphere? AURA
Beck hit with "Na-na" chorus (hyph.) EPRO
Billie Holiday "___ Sunday" GLOOMY
Bob Geldof band Boomtown ___ RATS
Bob Marley "___ It Up" STIR
Bruce Hornsby and the Range "The Way ___" ITIS
Canadian teen idol Paul ANKA
Chart pinnacles ONES
Christopher Cross "Arthur's Theme (Best That You ___)" CANDO
Colbie Caillat "Bubbly" album COCO
Color of Grateful Dead's little rooster? RED
Dokken "___ Warriors" DREAM
Donnie Wahlberg band (abbr.) NKOTB
Feeling at subpar show BORED
Garden Sara Bareilles sings about? EDEN
Genesis "A Trick of the ___" TAIL
Goes with Shwayze's "Corona" LIME
Grand Funk Railroad's Mark FARNER
Grateful Dead "I'm beggin' you baby, I'm ___ knees" ONMY
Grateful Dead "Stagger ___" LEE
Grateful Dead "Yes ___ the gist of it, but it's all right" IGET
Grateful Dead "___ Time You See Me" NEXT
Great White "Love ___" ISALIE
Gut cords are stretched across this drum SNARE
Has keyboard and pipes ORGAN
Johnny Farnham single "___ (The Cleaning Lady)" SADIE
Kenny Loggins "Heaven helps the man who ___ his fear" FIGHTS
Kind of "Road" Chris Rea dances down STONY
Legendary sensation ICON
Lightning Seeds song w/good judgment? SENSE
Like Grateful Dead following HUGE
Like heavy bass, slang FAT
Lisa Lisa "Ooh baby, I think I love you from head ___" TOTOE
Ludacris "___ Codes" AREA
Modest Mouse "Novocain ___" STAIN
NOFX "___ Out the Soles of My Party Boots" WORE
Pearl Jam "___ Act" RIOT
Peter Frampton "___ Love Your Way" BABYI
Public Enemy "New Whirl ___" ODOR
Quiet Riot "Cum on Feel the ___" NOIZE
Raconteurs "___ Bought Bones" STORE
Rembrandts "Just the Way It ___" ISBABY
Rise Against "Life ___ Frightening" LESS
Rising star is on the right one PATH
Second Killers hit SOMEBODYTOLDME
Shaun of Happy Mondays RYDER
Shinedown "Sin With a ___" GRIN
Sometimes combined with a sonata form RONDO
Strokes "The Modern ___" AGE
Strumming funnyman Sandler ADAM
Sublime "What ___" IGOT
Supremes "Stop! In the Name of ___" LOVE
Texas singer/songwriter Robert Earl KEEN
The Who "___ See for Miles" ICAN
Three Days Grace "Never Too Late" album ONEX
Tyson Ritter used to be one MODEL
U.K. music mag (abbr.) NME
Used when whole band's in hotel room COT
What Blondie says when you flirt with her? CALLME
Where Missing Persons might walk? INLA
Yes drummer White ALAN
Young the Giant song about love? EROS
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