How many letters in the Answer?

Rock and Roll Dec 03 2017

"An Awesome Wave" ___-J ALT
"And ___, and a two" AONE
"Another One Bites the ___" DUST
"Can you see the ___ me?" The Who REAL
"Confessions" singer USHER
"Give Me All Your Luvin'" Madonna album MDNA
"Insensitive" singer JANNARDEN
"Moon Safari" duo AIR
"Schizophonic" Halliwell GERI
"Sevas Tra" metal band OTEP
"Spend My Life With You" Eric BENET
"The Road to Hell" Chris REA
"Use My Third ___" Pantera ARM
'01 Nick Cave album "No More Shall ___" WEPART
'81 Billy Idol EP "___ Stop" DONT
'83 Billy Joel doo-wop smash THELONGESTTIME
'93 Walkabouts album of covers SATISFIEDMIND
Adele "___ You" IMISS
Allman Bros. "Win, Lose ___" ORDRAW
Aretha Franklin "___ Oh My" OHME
Bad English "When ___ You Smile" ISEE
Billy Bragg and Wilco "Mermaid ___" AVENUE
Black Sabbath debut album song NIB
Bowie smash "___ Girl" CHINA
Boz Scaggs album "___ Degrees" SILK
Charting soundtrack "Dangerous ___" MINDS
Citrusy Led Zepplin piece "The ___" LEMONSONG
Classifieds ADS
Cool, Green Day drummer TRE
Diehard AVID
Edgar Winter classic FREERIDE
Fan does it to album online (with "it") RATES
Festival narc RAT
FM Static "Take Me ___ Am" ASI
Frankie Valli "Walk Like ___" AMAN
Gene Simmons "I'm living in sin, at the Holiday ___" INN
Gooey Collective Soul hit? GEL
Guitarist gets them from teacher LESSONS
Guns N' Roses "___ N' the Bedouins" RIAD
Hans Zimmer soundtrack "Thin ___" REDLINE
How "Two Hearts Beat" to U2 ASONE
If you're huge, you'll have this at home office ADMINISTRATION
Important time in music ERA
J.Lo song for goodbye ADIOS
Jimmy ___ World EAT
Journalist will do this to a secret UNCOVER
Like where cruise ship bands play SEASIDE
Meg's sister DIA
Might hail one to get to show CAB
Modest Mouse "Fly Trapped in ___" AJAR
Neil Diamond "Flight of the ___" GULL
Norah Jones "What Am ___ You?" ITO
Oates partner HALL
Pearl Jam "Riot ___" ACT
Peter Gabriel hit from '92 STEAM
Pink Floyd epic off "Animals" DOGS
Popular U.K. mag NME
Positive J. Geils hit from '82 IDO
Prolific Christian rockers PETRA
Prominent '80s label IRS
Rammstein love song? AMOUR
Road stops INNS
Rock and roll occurrence INSTANCE
Steve Howe band ASIA
Tesla "The Way ___" ITIS
The Bird and the ___ BEE
The Knights' Day OTIS
Tina's ex IKE
Want the best one for a show SEAT
What children of rich rocker fight over ESTATE
What road manager did TENDED
What Salt-N-Pepa will do "real good"? PUSHIT
Word with Grateful or Kennedys DEAD
Yellowcard's on an "Ocean" one (abbr.) AVE
You pay them, on the way up DUES
___ Nashville (country music label) MCA
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