How many letters in the Answer?

BuzzFeed Oct 20 2015

'Come Sail Away' band STYX
'Dos ___ margaritas, por favor!' MAS
'Empire' creator Daniels LEE
'In the days of ___ ' (pretentious way to say 'Back in the day') YORE
'Jeeeez!' YIKES
'Peter Pan' first mate who looks like a fat Keebler elf SMEE
'The Office' character to whom Michael says, 'I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.' TOBY
'What is this?? A center for ___?' -Derek Zoolander ANTS
'Where __ Ü Now', Skrillex and Diplo song featuring that Bieber kid) ARE
A la ___ (by itself) CARTE
A single one of those things you see floating in the pool when you don't clean it ALGA
Alternative to a quiz or a list VIDEO
Angsty music style EMO
Approves OKS
Awareness, metaphorically RADAR
Capital of Norway OSLO
Cheese that's made in reverse? EDAM
Chicken ___ POX
Crop the 'good old boys' were drinking in 'American Pie' RYE
DiCaprio, to his model biddies LEO
Diva's time to shine ARIA
Dude who cured the shit out of polio when he wasn't destroying nerds on the Pong table BRONASSALK
Dude who cut off his own ear to impress a chick at Arles' Kappa Crush, crazy night VINCENTVANBRO
Dude who played mad wingman to the entire United States during the Progressive Era TEDDYBROOSEVELT
Dude who wrote about Miss Trunchbull forcing a pledge to eat a whole chocolate cake in front of the entire school BROALDDAHL
Dude who wrote some crazy shit about a raven probably after roasting a fat j with the boys EDGARALLANBRO
Entrepreneur's degree MBA
For one purpose only ADHOC
Free cash machines, but apparently only if you have a 'bank account' that already has 'money' in it ATMS
Grammy-winner Cleo who recorded as Bess to Ray Charles's Porgy LAINE
Hannah Montana, to Miley Stewart ALIAS
Heartthrob Elgort of 'Divergent' and 'Presexual Fantasies' ANSEL
Hit dat ass TAP
Honey Boo Boo accessory TIARA
Hoppy bar order IPA
Ice Bucket Challenge target ALS
In ___ of (standing for) LIEU
Insurance mascot with the energy of a toddler meth head FLO
Like my barista job and my new tattoo, as far as my parents are concerned ;) TEMPORARY
Like someone who can't wait to binge-watch 'Mad Men' when someone invites them to Netflix and chill NAIVE
Like the nerds who challenged 16-Across to Pong, eventually OWNED
Like vegetarian food and some meat products, for Muslims HALAL
Loiter stealthily SKULK
Oldest car manufacturer in South Korea KIA
One always hopping on the trend bandwagon BITER
One of two plants on either side of Zach Galifianakis in a web talk show FERN
One-named Real Madrid soccer star who's the third-highest goal scorer in Champions League history RAUL
Pennsylvania ___ (home to 40-Across's chiller pad, once) AVE
People who call 57-Across by that name instead of just 'beer,' for example SNOBS
Pop-___ TARTS
Pronoun I use to refer to all my Elizabethan friends THEE
Ramen- and popcorn-making machine, as far as I'm concerned STOVE
Redhead who wants to be tickled ELMO
Related to shipping? NAVAL
Ship that sailed alongside the Pinta and the Santa Maria NINA
Show times, informally NITES
Singer Grohl who broke his leg onstage and still finished a concert like a legend DAVE
Site where you can get 'Answers' to age-old questions like 'Did ancient philosophers smoke weed?' YAHOO
Skyrocket SOAR
Sound from a cat or even a sexy cat MEOW
Sound you might hear a lot if you live on a farm MOO
Starbucks order for weird hippies TEA
Subject of many a rich kid Instagram SUSHI
Tablets delivered unto us by the prophet Steve Jobs IPADS
Take another stab at RETRY
The first 4 of 26 ABCD
The subject with the stuff you have to add and stuff MATH
The weird stuff that came up on 'Lost' but was never explained, for example :/ LOOSEENDS
Toothbrush brand (hygiene FTW!) ORALB
Travelers around the Loop ELS
Viewed SEEN
War god who was on the losing side of the Trojan War, so obviously he's great at his job ARES
Way of getting ahead PATH
What I like to say when I ride my imaginary motorcycle VROOM
What the third letter in 57-Across stands for ALE
__ Spring (2010 social movement) ARAB
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