How many letters in the Answer?

BuzzFeed Nov 24 2015

'...unless you want some bad, bad things to happen...' ORELSE
'Bad Girls' singer MIA
'Sounds good, fellow Minnesotan!' YAH
'The Entertainer' by Scott Joplin, for example (which was the song that inspired me to take piano lessons, FWIW) RAG
'The Grapes of Wrath' crew OKIES
'The Matrix' bad guy Smith who does a really bad job of getting Neo auditions AGENT
'The ___ La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)' TRA
'Truth in Engineering' car company, ironically to Volkswagen AUDI
'Which of these two spheres do you choose, A ___?' ORB
'Without '___' there would be no 'Toy Story'': John Lasseter TRON
*$2.75, in New York City, for the time being, please don't raise it any more BUSFARE
*'Senior moment' BRAINFART
*'Star Wars' bounty hunter BOBAFETT
*Connected to a boob tube? BREASTFED
*Deceptive and manipulative motivation BADFAITH
*Family of insects that can smell dead animals from up to a mile away...ew BLOWFLIES
*Illness that sounds like a statement about an animal and what that animal did BIRDFLU
*Influential '80s punk band named for a symbol of anarchy BLACKFLAG
Admissions officer? BOUNCER
Alternative to a sequel or an adaptation, to movie executives who have no original ideas REMAKE
Ate one's face off FEASTED
Ave. intersectors STS
Brother of Emma, Luke, and Zuri on the Disney Channel sitcom 'Jessie' RAVI
Caucasian bachelor, in a personal ad SWM
Chunks in miso soup TOFU
Coke containers CANS
Combined with ADDEDTO
Community that's 'the last great minority,' according to Candis Cayne LGBT
Console that caused a lot of people to accidentally throw a stick into their TV WII
Cuisine that combines two other cuisines as if they were atoms FUSION
Deal breaker? NARC
Email attachment FILE
Emo ___ (angsty Australian bird) EMU
First word my daughter will say, if she knows what's good for her DADA
Fondle fondly CARESS
Food stamp? USDA
FYI relative BTW
Hairstyle picked by Jimi Hendrix AFRO
Half of eleven ONE
Hamper BIN
Hold opposing views DIFFER
Home of the NCAA's Buckeyes OSU
How moss spreads SPORES
Investigative journalism pioneer Tarbell IDA
Knuckle sandwich FIST
Last three letters of many languages ESE
Little people INFANTS
Little people KIDDOS
McEntire who wrote 'Comfort From a Country Quilt' REBA
Metro men FOPS
Most cliche TRITEST
Most selfish Roman numeral? III
Museum conspiracy-theoried in 'The Da Vinci Code' LOUVRE
Nissan seen in 'Jaws: The Revenge' SENTRA
Old white man Gingrich who claims students are 'wasting their time' protesting racism NEWT
Only mud ingredient that isn't water DIRT
Orch. section with lots of bowing STR
Org. that accidentally sent me over $9,700 that I accidentally deposited IRS
Over-the-shoulder boulder holder BRA
Overseers of labor movements, for short? RNS
Put off DEFER
Rival of Verizon ATT
Similar to Dobby or Legolas ELFISH
Spike Jonze film about a guy who falls in love with his operating system HER
Springsteen's '___ (Come Out Tonight)' ROSALITA
Squiggly swimmer used by humans in sushi and wallets EEL
Swipe, say SCAN
Tesla, by birth SERB
Times Sq. street BWAY
Vibrator sold at a music store REED
Walks down the street while listening to 'Stayin' Alive,' inevitably STRUTS
WALL-E's robo-love EVE
Water brand whose name means 'unsophisticated' when reversed, just saying EVIAN
What icicles do DRIP
What my wife gets after a mani, if she's got the time PEDI
What's-his-or-her-face SOANDSO
Word repeated by a bad guy's alarm system INTRUDER
___ Field (former Brooklyn stadium) EBBETS
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