How many letters in the Answer?

BuzzFeed Nov 11 2015

'Hand it over' GIVEMETHAT
'Mean Girls' Plastic whose telekinetic breasts can tell if it's already raining KAREN
'Piano Man' key: Abbr CMAJ
'___ we forget...' LEST
2013 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film about a Polish nun IDA
A little wide, to a baseball play-by-play announcer JUSTOUTSIDE
B4N alternative TTYL
Basketballer Barnes who suggested he was dating Rihanna even though she claims they never met MATT
Best possible pair ACES
Blu-ray format DISC
Brand of men's body spray with advertisements that manage to demean both women and men AXE
Brink CUSP
Chekhov who wrote 'If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off' ANTON
Christmas opener MERRY
Church council SYNOD
Come to a conclusion INFER
Comes to a conclusion ENDS
Continued KEPT
Cookie brand covering the spectrum from 'Thins' to 'Mega Stuf' OREO
Counterpart to a rave? RANT
Cubs Hall-of-Famer Sandberg whose name sounds like a European river RYNE
Cultured and aesthetic-minded, slangily METRO
Cup contents that settle into your future? TEALEAVES
Dante Terrell Smith ___ Yasiin Bey ___Mos Def AKA
Dice game run illegally by Frank Sinatra's character in 'Guys and Dolls' CRAPS
Directors Spike and Ang LEES
Dry bourbon alternative RYE
ENTs, e.g MDS
Fictional character Jane Goodall admits to crushing on pretty hard as a kid TARZAN
Fraught (with) LADEN
Genre for Young Thug and Future RAP
Have another try REDO
High-end Hyundai AZERA
It's inflated in millennials, according to some old people who don't understand how important we all are SELFESTEEM
Job for someone in between jobs, perhaps TEMP
Johnny ___ : Billy Yank :: The South : The North REB
Key that closes windows ESC
Lambing participants EWES
Like turkey meat LEAN
Locker room 'weapon' TOWEL
Major motion picture company behind the 'Matrix' trilogy, 'The Lego Movie,' and 'Mad Max: Fury Road' VILLAGEROADSHOW
Major part of a plot ACRE
Make a choice OPT
Mangle MAIM
Message indicating a refusal to put out (electronically, that is) EXPORTERROR
Mild abdominal obesity, slangily...and a hint to what you can find in 18-, 20-, 38-, and 55-Across BEERBELLY
Mononymous Irish artist who lives in a castle and sued the Fugees for sampling her music without permission ENYA
Musket attachment? EER
Mythical jellyfish sting antidote URINE
New Zealand symbol that never quite took off? KIWI
On drugs USING
One suffering delusions of grandeur SNOOT
Own up to ADMIT
Pointy part for Legolas EAR
Postapocalyptic setting that includes all the districts in the 'Hunger Games' trilogy PANEM
Print newspaper section where crosswords are often found ARTS
Program on a page APPLET
Questions one's maturity level? IDS
Representative PROXY
Shared what's on your mind with Mr. Spock? MELDED
Short name for a small dog PEKE
Short recap of an entire life OBIT
Skin care brand that sounds like a bullfight shout OLAY
Solution for storing contacts RENU
Spent some time in oak, perhaps AGED
Sucks it up DEALS
Take it all off STRIP
They're strummed in many YouTube covers even outside Hawaii UKES
Tick off IRE
Ticked off IRKED
Truth ___ SERUM
Visually disturbing pimple? STYE
Well-mannered CIVIL
With 'the,' Neo's hidden identity in 'The Matrix' ONE
Words before passing the chips? IRAISE
You may face 786,432 of them at work every day PIXELS
___: If you're doing a crossword puzzle, make sure you read the clue before filling in an answer PROTIP
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