How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Nov 26 2018

Accelerate sharply rev up
Aisle passage
An interested party perhaps? saver
Bible book second in number? esther
Biblical lawgiver moses
Characters moving a table outside public house alphabet
Commander leader
Consecrate bless
Criminal covers same ground in cellar basement
Demolished an empty settlement payment
Drill bore
Dull person in tunnel bore
Editor worked first on Tamla Motown detroit
Editorial boss leader
Elizabeth covering student in praise bless
Fast shot for which bowler accepts credit? screamer
Female name esther
Fish minus tail in souped-up car turbo
Fool wrapped in sheet in corridor passage
Forthright candid
Friend set up better mobile device laptop
Girl in time becomes mediocre average
Green gem emerald
Gun engine getting vicar out of bed? rev up
Investor saver
Is this a shady put-up job? parasol
Light umbrella parasol
Low storey basement
Michigan city detroit
Mysterious English Lake eerie
National using some puzzles we designed swede
Open tin sufficed candid
Ornamental textile tapestry
Patriarch frees fifty as from thick treacle moses
Portable computer laptop
Recompense payment
Records shot that results in hanging tapestry
Reportedly certain to find dry land shore
Rope Dot used to make weapon torpedo
Run speedily away flee
Seacoast shore
Set of letters alphabet
Ships ultimately abandoned: take flight flee
Small mild onion shallot
Someone who shrieks screamer
Stockholm native swede
Stone, large, in remade ground emerald
Submarine weapon torpedo
Submissive meek
Supercharger turbo
Timid male's reaction to mouse? meek
Try swallowing the whole onion! shallot
Uncanny eerie
Unexceptional average
When in church for example case
Wine delivery unit case
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