How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Mar 20 2019

Austere office contains record player stereo
Available and unavailable out
Beatles' unruly do? mop
Bond keeps me in money cement
Characteristic trait
Consumed with worry? eaten
Cook some lunch effortlessly chef
Culinary artiste chef
Devoured eaten
Dismissed at wicket out
Exacerbate inflame
Excellent wings of divine assistant aide
Feeble person (informal) wimp
Food from maniac or nuts macaroni
Fool traps European in lift heave
Haul heave
High-pitched flute piccolo
Hot surface in good puzzle griddle
Indian coin rupee
Instrument in photo, incredibly cool piccolo
Iron cooking plate griddle
Jazz note-grouping triplet
Jim Henson character muppet
Journey allowed for one child in three? triplet
Mad individual nutter
Money from gym in Parisian street rupee
Mortar cement
Mr Hyde's horrible goat leer? alter ego
Musical ensemble orchestra
New and perfect fruitcake? nutter
Old couple leading people helping process operation
One hug might be plenty enough
Pasta tubes macaroni
Perhaps Kermit is foolish person muppet
Piggish remark from Keiko in Kyoto oink
Political adviser aide
Rector has sacked musicians orchestra
Secondary personality alter ego
Severe or rigid strict
Sinatra, Italian, shows mannerism trait
Size better with a large town capacity
Slaughterhouse abattoir
Sound from a sty oink
Sound system stereo
Stern saint brings religious instruction to court strict
Stock brought in here is soon taken out abattoir
Strangely men fail to provoke anger inflame
Sufficient enough
Surgical procedure operation
Swabbing tool mop
Volume capacity
Wife meets one MP, spineless sort wimp
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