How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Dec 14 2017

Afflict AIL
Alcohol LIQUOR
Animal involved in vile murder LEMUR
Annie awfully silly INANE
Annual test on hot insect MOTH
As garrulous people do to the greatest degree UTTERMOST
Attitude around north relating to race ETHNIC
Casino counter CHIP
Choose grains with the Spanish fish ELECTRICEEL
Complain about the fish CARP
Cried like an ass BRAYED
Deciduous tree ELM
Decorate with ten Roman pieces ORNAMENT
Decoration ORNAMENT
Excellent student to be indisposed AIL
Financial state of firm involved in money problems ECONOMY
Find fault CARP
Frugality ECONOMY
Furthest away UTTERMOST
Good heat circulation on river lodge GATEHOUSE
Half-sibling STEPBROTHER
Hear person tasting drink LIQUOR
Hollow pipe TUBE
Idiotic INANE
Italian dessert TIRAMISU
Keep operating on retina RETAIN
Most prominent position CENTRESTAGE
Most prominent position for disordered secret agent CENTRESTAGE
Natural environment where Tabitha astray HABITAT
Natural home HABITAT
Night insect MOTH
Of a race ETHNIC
Snake swallows unrefined fuel CRUDEOIL
Spice in trice with rum, ruined TURMERIC
Spoke loudly and harshly of the hair feature, reportedly BRAYED
Sweet arum - is it horrible? TIRAMISU
Tiny primate LEMUR
Token bit of potato? CHIP
Tree put back in hamlet ELM
Underground container TUBE
Unrefined fuel CRUDEOIL
Upset Herbert's top relative STEPBROTHER
Where to finish a darts game quickly? ATTHEDOUBLE
Yellow spice TURMERIC
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