How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Apr 08 2019

A wager to assist criminal abet
Accustom or align orient
Admiration respect
Airport departure doors gates
An outside line to ring? tangent
Argue (informal) bicker
Arm support sling
Be contingent hinge
Begin anew restart
Caramel candy toffee
Certain to catch good wave surge
Chain outlets branches
Church not near? That's ridiculous! farce
Clothes line in Hornsea maybe seam
Coal stratum seam
Con-man in twisted tree cinnamon
Cream in cake that's satisfying filling
Detectives holding up lover boy cupid
Duke leaving bird in launch again restart
Eros cupid
FA rules broken getting thumbs-down refusal
Figure: appreciate it digit
Finger or toe digit
Fix one's bearings in the East orient
Flexible pliable
Fragrant climber sweet pea
Great many working after first leg legion
Help in an illegal venture abet
Joint in Munich in Germany hinge
Ludicrous comedy farce
Make of small pistol colt
Male and female for Biblical food manna
Miraculous fare manna
Most serious one leaving monument gravest
Most sombre gravest
Motorcyclist's caught in squabble bicker
Non-acceptance refusal
Observe relaxation inhibiting muscle respect
Oxen tire out in hard work exertion
Pants initially likely to require elastic pliable
Physical effort exertion
Radio-frequency interference hiss
Roman army unit legion
Sibilant sound from Colchis sailor hiss
Skating arena ice rink
Spice cinnamon
Subsidiary parts of Forestry Commission? branches
Sudden increase surge
Sweet aristo extremely enviable toffee
Throw gin-based drink sling
Tooth insert filling
Trigonometric function tangent
We see Pat arranging flower sweet pea
What might be stage entrances? gates
Writing stuff about Kerry in Welsh sports venue ice rink
Young stallion left in bed colt
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