How many letters in the Answer?

The Telegraph - Toughie Feb 16 2016

A fruit that sounds repulsive UGLI
Antrim inimitably offers famous place on coast RIMINI
Appropriate footwear for instructors TRAINERS
Backs justification DEFENCE
Bend in fine line twisting over court INFLECT
Dance enthusiast joins one comically desperate game FANDANGO
Delivers excellent climbing plant FREESIA
Excited spaniel runs energetically at first round new plants PERENNIALS
Extinct tiger's doom is left strangely unknown in the end SMILODON
Finally they go over remembrance for long ago YORE
Foreign character's only half educated TAU
Former Eastern navy sail LATEEN
He famously wrote short story about return of European king STOKER
He might knock down mate FELLER
He or she perhaps going to church to pass judgement PRONOUNCE
House including soldier's hut LEANTO
Imprisoned old fellow must get over sentence just at a critical moment (2,3,4,2,4) INTHENICKOFTIME
In France a bull's regularly confined by barriers. As are horses and cows UNGULATES
Make a mistake turning up, see Hollywood star as his friends knew him ERROL
Once again straighten out tipsy gal in ER REALIGN
Outspoken ego, even around five feet in height EYELEVEL
Pecuniary source of old currency ECU
Pleased grid's well-nigh complete GRATEFUL
Processing of English flax plants with 26 is obvious SELFEXPLANATORY
Refills glass with best drink TOPSUP
Run in to prevent temper tantrum STROP
Twerps putting name on topless boxes NELLIES
Vote to rewrite gaffes, interrupted by Unionist and Republican SUFFRAGE
Woman's letter is inconsiderate DISMISSIVE
Your counterparts alone in possession of very right answers at last SOLVERS
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