How many letters in the Answer?

The Telegraph - General Knowledge Oct 11 2010

-- Dahl, children's author and short story writer ROALD
1954 Alfred Hitchcock film DIALMFORMURDER
An extended essay by Virginia Woolf (1,4,2,4,3) AROOMOFONESOWN
Character in 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens TINYTIM
Charles -- (1791-1871), regarded as the pioneer of modern computers BABBAGE
City in Maryland BALTIMORE
City in SW England BRISTOL
Cornfield weeds KNAWELS
Festival commemorating the resurrection of Christ EASTER
Game created by Alfred M. Butts SCRABBLE
Jack --, US jazz trombonist and singer (1905-64) TEAGARDEN
Kylie --, Australian pop singer and actress MINOGUE
Large deer; mixed drink containing wine and grain alcohol CARIBOU
Mild-flavoured cheese with a crumbly texture CHESHIRE
Musical by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein SHOWBOAT
Musical direction meaning suddenly or abruptly SUBITO
Novel by Robert Graves ICLAUDIUS
Poet, and second son of the British Prime Minister (1908-16) HERBERTASQUITH
S American tree with bitter wood and bark used in herbal remedies QUASSIA
Sea duck SCOTER
Sir Richard --, New Zealand cricketer HADLEE
Small market town in Lincolnshire BRIGG
St Thomas --, Italian scholastic philosopher and theologian AQUINAS
The British government or its central administration WHITEHALL
The first British tactical nuclear weapon REDBEARD
Title of respect for a Hindu religious teacher SWAMI
Type of acrylic fibre or crease-resistant fabric made from it ORLON
US jazz tenor saxophonist (1904-69) COLEMANHAWKINS
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