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The Telegraph - General Knowledge Mar 03 2013

'The --', magazine edited by Boris Johnson from 1999 to 2005 SPECTATOR
'__ __ Cyril', 1970s football catchphrase NICEONE
-- spumante, Italian sparkling wine ASTI
Abbreviated word for a bowed stringed instrument CELLO
Addictive narcotic substance DRUG
African tick bird OXPECKER
Author of 'Cakes and Ale' MAUGHAM
Average level of achievement NORM
Body of troops protecting back part of army REARGUARD
Close at the end of a session in court ADJOURN
Expression from Latin meaning you're another TUQUOQUE
Giant coniferous tree found in coastal California REDWOOD
Goodbye, a Japanese interjection SAYONARA
Government headed by military chiefs STRATOCRACY
Happening every 60 minutes HORAL
Hard white crystalline sugar MALTOSE
His feast day is November 30 STANDREW
In central Australia, the world's largest monolith ULURU
In Greek mythology, fleet-footed Arcadian who raced against her suitors ATALANTA
Mustafa Kemal Pasha, first president of Republic of Turkey ATATURK
Photograph reduced to the size of small spot MICRODOT
Rare word for a flock of starlings MURMURATION
Relating to English royal dynasty from 1154 to 1485 PLANTAGENET
River joining the Tigris to form the Shatt al-Arab waterway EUPHRATES
Scurfy mealy substance on some plants LEPRA
Seaside resort on the Isle of Wight RYDE
Swimming stroke with alternate arm movements DOGPADDLE
Village south of Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders TRAQUAIR
Word apparently coined by Beatrix Potter for a hedgehog TIGGYWINKLE
Youngest son of Henry II, he lost most of his French possessions to Philip II of France KINGJOHN
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