How many letters in the Answer?

The Telegraph - General Knowledge Dec 03 2012

-- Cup, rugby union trophy CALCUTTA
A coarse grass, native to Spain and North Africa ESPARTO
Alexander --, English poet (1688-1744) POPE
Anglo-Saxon poet or minstrel SCOP
Berkshire public school, founded in 1440 ETON
British TV soap opera, created by Hazel Adair and Peter Ling CROSSROADS
Distillation product of alcohol, used as an anaesthetic ETHER
English Channel port, in East Sussex HASTINGS
Greek philosopher and mathematician PYTHAGORAS
In Greek mythology, the god of darkness, son of Chaos and brother of Night EREBUS
In Japan, a carved toggle of wood or ivory NETSUKE
Instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of ionizing radiation GEIGERCOUNTER
Japanese weapon, consisting of a series of weights on a chain MANRIKIGUSARI
Jewish Sabbath dish of stew, prepared on a Friday and cooked overnight CHOLENT
King of the herrings OARFISH
Large, hairy ape-like creature resembling a yeti, supposedly found in NW America BIGFOOT
Miguel --, dictator of Spain (1923-30) PRIMODERIVERA
Outstanding thoroughbred racehorse, foaled in 1764, and phenomenally successful sire ECLIPSE
Short compendium; lawyer's brief BREVIATE
South African red-breasted cuckoo Pietmyvrou
Species of penguin with a white stripe across its head GENTOO
State of NE India with extensive jungles TRIPURA
The supreme god of the ancient Greeks ZEUS
The third-brightest star in the sky ALPHACENTAURI
Trick-taking card game for three people using a pack of forty cards OMBRE
Type of pale beer with a strong flavour of hops PILSNER
Wine flavoured with aromatic herbs, drunk mixed with gin VERMOUTH
Woodwind instrument used in baroque music OBOEDAMORE
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