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The Times - Cryptic Sep 11 2010

A crowd catches spectre finally, a shape-shifter AMOEBA
A love for twins, perhaps ALIKE
A soldier not left to disconnect explosive in the defence of France MAGINOTLINE
Among swine, association of racketeers showing great craft OILTANKER
Annoyed, as made worse AGGRAVATED
Back-seat drivers in these? GOLFCARTS
Be left-field, but strategise from midfield? THINKOUTSIDETHEBOX
Beatles' manager's mug on record EPSTEIN
Blood vessel might contain this? CLARET
Bouncer pins right arm with this? TRIGGER
Bowler's target, square leg! NINEPIN
Classic to shake cocktail THEOAKS
Contact keeping order in production, say no more! TOOMUCHINFORMATION
Crush, and second crush SCRUNCH
Declare it's some corn from Cornwall? SWEAR
Direction the wicked have to steal wife NORWEST
Drink, with top off, is to trickle out OOZE
Eleven — ten used (one led off) LEEDSUNITED
Fruit trimmed around while sliced CASHEWNUT
Given dose of clinical medicine, relaxed CALMED
Gloucestershire town where Tudors settled STROUD
He could always get free hour in diary, organised after end of lunch HARRYHOUDINI
Hollow bid to take time out — on the other hand, there is no guarantee CAVEATEMPTOR
Home with highest office, but no west wing RESIDENCY
How much trouble solving a Venusian clue! NUISANCEVALUE
Humorous boy touring island JOCOSE
I had rearing horse run away from Boise, say IDAHOAN
Judge has to ban dangerous dog, perhaps, lacking lead ARBITER
Last longer than blooming flower OUTWEAR
Leave something positive to support Virginia VACATION
Looks to reserve a month after recession, and makes a withdrawal SECEDES
Loudly kiss someone with passion, a magician NECROMANCER
Material, any longer part NYLON
Note passed from either side MINIM
Past state brought woe AGONY
Pick up king and knight LEARN
Pointer defining reforms, cross filled in with little hesitation INDEXFINGER
Politician, wrong, is not one to adapt — he ties himself in knots CONTORTIONIST
Popular figure, poet shortly becoming manager INTENDANT
Queen in performance, naked behind curtain? SHOWERING
Report shows team missing header about to struggle REVIEW
Rest to gain strength, say — it's a bug SPIDERMITE
Set free, getting off PUTRID
Shooter more cunning? ARCHER
Sporting great top, denim's on, shivering with cold DENISCOMPTON
Still one area diminished by God, there's no escaping it EVENTHORIZON
Supporting supply, it's held, or surrendered FORFEITED
Switching ends, cricket side after Australian opener showing a lack of sense ANOSMIA
Team with game to win, short of a back LIVERPOOL
That's enough to organise every month, to maintain some knockout success MYCUPRUNNETHOVER
Those adding to taste of lunch are ravens in a stew FLAVOURENHANCERS
Tongue poke, one beyond a joke PUNJABI
Travel to see oil covering lake LOCOMOTION
Unknown lay-about with doctor, an idler LAZYBONES
Use old story I covered EXPLOIT
Vessel not empty, two killers injected NARROWBOAT
Washing machine bag in the barrel, spinning TWINTUB
What keeps you in situ, primarily, family SKIN
When fish served, bag up and observe dish FRICASSEE
Woman having to betray man whose legs were shapely? SHERATON
A commotion and flap about a stunning location ABATTOIR
Are you in favour of motorway? That's novel, for one ARTFORM
Bear (male) that may be seen at the pole TOTEM
Being desirable age, sadly peevish DISAGREEABLE
Brown river diverted from Scottish city DUN
Call out the register, in part ROLE
Catch a server to grab a second drink CHASER
Change stand-up act — joke at end put into script so? CUTANDPASTE
Confidence shown by nursing home volunteers in the present arrangement SECRETSANTA
Consistently poetic, but putting nothing on paper OFT
Financial product is outcome of mathematical operation DERIVATIVE
Girl's lukewarm — I'd avoided false move MISSTEP
Handling evaluations, started so roughly ROADTESTS
I worship artist in Venice region at start of Renaissance VENERATOR
Irritating, having to cross a fence RAILING
Like the Czar to have topside minced up cold DESPOTIC
Note sent back unaltered MINIM
Perhaps camp inmate's despicable childish game PRISONERSBASE
Pike used by this old defence force for show DADSARMY
Security gives advantage to place PLEDGE
Service runs through railway halt? MINISTRATION
Society may struggle with sort of system that's irregular ASYMMETRIC
Such a drag, dealing with tax FISCAL
Support rook blocked by pawn PROP
This proves you're engaged to Anthony — I heard it on the phone RINGTONE
Trim Irish copper in headgear HAIRCUT
Victorian critic's baby now fed? RUSKIN
Wicked group that keeps getting worse? VICIOUSCIRCLE
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