How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Oct 26 2017

60s idol first man to get religion adam faith
Arab chap coming in round island OMANI
Beach god finds girl SANDRA
Brave woman one residing in Liss LIONESS
City, once, score without ball TROY
Corrupt idea — deal that makes capital ADELAIDE
Dentists may resort to this procedure DRILL
Dog end TAIL
Embraced in cuddle that's rough INCLUDED
Female agents receiving praise CLAUDIA
For example, an account in Times? ARTICLE
Force in tornado unleashed as Shuttle moves? to-and-fro
Grunge band playing here finally shows bite EDGE
Heaps fruit in two-wheeler RICKSHAW
Indifferent over after spinner on song initially so-so
Language operates poorly without noun ESPERANTO
Men distressed in evil country DENMARK
Old Roman general from Riga mixed drink AGRICOLA
Serving man dropping in from Valparaiso PARA
Sewer, lake and river back in northeast NEEDLE
Sharp Conservative stopping benefit ACID
Support band? TRUSS
Time to bring in new poet DANTE
Tools and skip used in money lending business PAWNSHOP
What's rook released from throat? CAW
When hot it's put out by volcano ASH
Algebraically logical gift impressing the field BOOLEAN
An approach in the end introduced to work, in place of great industry ANTHILL
Asian country to keep in mind — one Siam? INDONESIA
Bored feeling ends in emirate, fun in Abu Dhabi! ENNUI
Capital of Mississippi county BUCKS
Elbow exposed, good pokes! NUDGE
Fabric didn't stand out then? SATIN
Film kid eating grizzly bear up — that’s too much! SUPERABUNDANCE
Fraud encapsulating yours truly in well fickle individual! CHAMELEON
Go after eccentric king or queen, perhaps court card
High temperature opening shut up case SHEATH
Immoral relative, chap doffing cap UNCLEAN
In total, nothing more to say? all told
Mole's evacuated tunnel, running off initially underground METRO
Mug girl breaks in a restaurant, perhaps? ding-a-ling
Muslim setter elected to retire SUNNI
Newspaper article about Zionist leader, fine material ORGANZA
Personal computer, personal support with it BRAIN
PM pleased with something solid GLADSTONE
Primate hot, a bishop standing in furry hat BUSHBABY
Puzzled out? STUMPED
Radical member interrupted by female counterpart left-wing
Salt — a partner after excessive amount GLUTAMATE
Satisfied everything included CONTENT
Self-important ne'er-do-well: rubbish I spout BUMPTIOUS
Spoil drink? That's the limit! MARGIN
Strong man beyond a joke PUNGENT
Unwelcome adviser having crashed car at kerbside, satnav finally packed up back-seat driver
US state right out of cash — I told you so! TENNESSEE
Young girl south of island ISSUE
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